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Advanced Pilates Exercises : The Open Leg Rocker Pilates Exercise

The next movement is called open leg rocker. To begin, extend your legs one at a time until you’re in this position. You can hold higher up onto your ankles, behind your knees or in between on your calves. And inhale to roll back, initiating with your lower AB contraction and then come up on […]

Part 1 | My Summer 2018 Full Body Gym Workout

These are my primary exercises I do twice a week. Typically Mondays and Fridays. Because it is the first exercise I am also going to do a warm-up set in addition to my regular sets. The warm-up set is at 50% of my regular starting weight. I am going to go for 10 reps and […]

How to Meditate: 3 Body Position Options

Hello! My name is Carolynn Anne Budgell and I’m a yoga and meditation instructor in Vancouver. The wonderful thing about sitting in meditation or doing your meditation practice is there’s not one right way to do it, depending upon your body type or maybe your experience level, there are many ways for you to get […]

Paper Towel Fitness Exercises : Home Pilates Exercises: Double Leg Lift

This exercise is called the double leg stretch. Now you’re really going to burn out those abs with this exercise. Now this is typically a pilates type of movement. And in pilates we have what’s called a pilates ring to assist you with that movement. But if you don’t have one of those, you’ve got […]

Why Strength Should Be Your Gym Goal | Living Healthy Chicago

(upbeat music) A lot of women go to the gym with the goal of a weight loss but in today’s motivation to move, we’re gonna find out why your goal should be gaining strength and not getting skinny. So today I with Monica at Club 33 to talk about it some more. Monica, tell us […]

Arm Workout Exercises : Forearm Curl Exercise

Now we’re going to hit the other side of the forearm, the bottom part, right here. Generally, with this, you’re just going to do different forms of wrist curls. I’m just going to start with a barbell wrist curl. I’m just going to grab a barbell, preferably, wrist hanging off the end of the bench […]

Fun Workouts For Couples | Exercises & Tips For Training In Pairs

– You might have noticed that today is February the 14th, but don’t worry, we’re not about to get all romantic on you, although, we did think that we could use Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to bring you some training suggestions that are perfect to do in pairs. – Yeah, so if you’re […]

Plano Chiropractor | Guide to THRIVE | Patients Get Your Exercises HERE

We’re so excited that you’re part of HealthWorks, welcome to the family. We know that you came in with a particular problem. We found the solution, why we found out why we’ve found a solution for you. You’ve already started on that process. One of the things I think that people might not know, you […]