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Partner Yoga Positions : Child’s Pose for: Partner Yoga Positions

So you are purposely gong to come into chow’s pose. It comes together, needs apart, forehead down into the ground. You are going to come and you are going to bring your tailbone so it’s right across their tailbone and you are just going to very slowly bring your finger tips along the side of […]

Yoga Camp – Day 14 – Go With The Flow

– Hello my friends, and welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. You’re doing awesome. It’s Day 14 and the mantra today is, “Go with the flow.” Let’s get started. (lively, uplifting piano music) All right. Let’s begin in a nice, comfortable seat today. You choose. You could be on your knees. You could be […]

Learn Restorative Yoga Poses : Chest Extension Restorative Yoga

A really great way to relieve your shoulder tension as well as opening your heart and opening up the back door to the heart is with chest extension Inflection. So I’m going to ask Gina to take her hands to her shoulders. Notice how she’s sitting in heroes pose on, or heels, now you can […]

Session 9 – Yogic Seal Pose – Yogamudrasana

Hello friends, Namaste! Welcome back to Yoga and Fitness Session9 Yogic Seal Pose Yoga Mudrasana Yogic Seal Pose tones the spine, lower back and the abdomen. The Yogic Seal Pose is generally classified as an asana or pose, even though the name suggests that it is a mudra or seal. Yogic Seal Pose may be […]

Importance of breathing in Yoga

Yogic break is very important. That how much ever Asanas you practise, Pranayam that you practise.. ..and the deeper your breaths would be.. ..the more will be it’s importance! Your breath should come out while bending forward, breathe out. When you bend backewards, the strain is more.. ..you are going against the @gracity, your breath […]