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How Margot Robbie Got Ripped For Birds Of Prey

Landing a role in a superhero movie comes with more than just a nice paycheck and a steady work opportunity. Actors are now expected to get in superhuman shape for action roles, and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is no exception. Here’s how she got into havoc-wreaking shape. Of course Margot Robbie is fully dedicated […]

That’s what you’re wearing for gym? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.01.05]

Instructor Yang. What is it? What did she wear? Instructor Yang. What’s that? Instructor Yang. What’s that? It’s for Christmas. (I’m here) – She’ll work out in that? / – It’s Christmas. (Ta-da) Will she work out in that? She bought those leggings. You’re saying it’s Christmas, so you’ll work out like that? – Yes. […]

Cure Premature Ejaculation in JUST 2 WEEKS

Hi, I’m sex and relationship coach Caitlin V and today I’m gonna teach you how to last longer in bed using one super simple technique. Now, this is so crucial because lasting longer in bed isn’t just for you, it’s for your female partner. If you want to be able to give her an orgasm […]

Step Reebok Aerobic Exercises : History of Step Aerobics

Step was first introduced into the fitness industry in about 1990 by a woman named Jen Miller. Jen had injured her knee and was going through rehab. As part of her rehab, her therapist had her stepping up and down on a bench to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint. With a little creativity […]

Strength Training Exercises : Hamstring Exercises

OK, now we’re going to try hamstring exercise that you can do anywhere, anyplace. Amy is flat on her back. You can do this on a bed, a chair or any piece of furniture. She’s got her feet right in the center of the piece furniture. She’s going to breath up, and she is going […]

Rehab Exercise: Plank

In this demonstration, Dr. Walsh is going to show us how to do a plank exercise. This is an ideal exercise for abdominal and core strengthening without engaging the hip flexors and without engaging the lumbar spine. What she’s gonna do is come down on the floor with her weight on her forearms and on […]

Dead Bug Rehab Exercise

Here Dr. Walsh is going to demonstrate how to do the dead bug exercise. This is ideal for core and back strengthening. She’s gonna start by laying on a nice hard surface. She’s going to bring her knees up in a tabletop position feet and knees about hip width apart, her hands pointing straight up […]