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Learn Restorative Yoga Poses : Chest Extension Restorative Yoga

A really great way to relieve your shoulder tension as well as opening your heart and opening up the back door to the heart is with chest extension Inflection. So I’m going to ask Gina to take her hands to her shoulders. Notice how she’s sitting in heroes pose on, or heels, now you can […]

Blac Chyna flaunts her enhanced assets in leggings and sports bra – News Live

She has been dedicated to her fitness since having baby daughter Dream with Rob Kardashian in November 2016 And on Friday the realty star and entrepreneur put her self-professed enhanced assets on display when she hit the gym for a grueling workout in Los Angeles The Real Blac Chyna star flaunted her curves in black […]

Yoga With Blocks & Straps : How to Do Forward Fold Yoga Pose

CINDY MASTRY: In this clip, Faith is going to help me demonstrate a wide leg forward fold with a twist. It’s seems like it would be easy to fold forward but for some people who have tight hamstrings or a tight low back, this move is almost impossible. So when we use a block, we […]

Learn Restorative Yoga Poses : Figure Eight Yoga Head Rotation

Another really great way to free the tension in your neck and get some joint mobility is through the figure eight neck rotations. Gina is going to help me demonstrate that, seated in “sukasana”, nice long spine drawing her belly in lifting her heart, reaching the crown of the head right up to the sky. […]

Yoga Poses & Positions : The Hand Binds Foot Half Moon Yoga Pose

Hi, my name is Cindy Mastry with Yoga Etc. Studio on behalf of Expert Village. This is April and she’s going to help me demonstrate half moon with a bind. So she’s standing in a wide legged stance and she’s going to inhale and lift her arms up and she’s going to turn her left […]

Get Better Erections – PC Muscles Simple Workout Plan

Hi, I’m sex and relationship coach Caitlin V and today I’m gonna teach you the one easy exercise that you can do in order to cure premature ejaculation, help have better erections and have more explosive orgasms. Now, that is an exercise routine that you’ll be making time for. What is this incredible exercise routine […]