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Causes of Muscle Fatigue – Coursera Science of Exercise

This video will examine the courses for muscle fatigue during a single part of exercise. As you’ll see there is no one single course for muscle fatigue. Further the cause of fatigue will be event specific. In other words what contributes to fatigue when you’re doing bench presses will be very different from the courses […]

Tait McKenzie Gym at York University, Keele Campus

Welcome to Tait McKenzie, the hub of York Athletics and Recreation! My name is Micah, let me show you around. Whether you’re interested in joining one of our varsity teams, intramural leagues or just getting a good workout there’s something for everyone here and our helpful Client Services team will get you started. Tait Mackenzie […]

The Psychology of Yoga

What we do with our bodies actually affects how we think about ourselves but also how we think about others and the world and how we relate to them. So I thought by comparing yoga poses to power poses, we could actually get some new understanding of the mechanism that underlies the effects. So what […]