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Samadhi Movie, 2018 – Part 2 (It’s Not What You Think)

The world’s greatest spiritual teachers from ancient to modern times have shared the view that the deepest truth of our being is not the property of one particular religion or spiritual tradition but can be found within the heart of each person. The poet Rumi said “where is that moon that never rises or sets? […]

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12 – Part 13 – Gyan Yog 3

so if anybody can conquer this Maya myself effort that person has conquered God who can conquer God nobody he’s urgent similarly nobody can conquer Maya so then Arjun says my lord then how will I be saved sri krishna says in the second line of this verse it’s the fourteenth verse of the seventh […]

Guru Paduka Stotram With English & Meaning Lyrics ( Full Song )

Anantha samsara samudhra thara naukayithabhyam guru bhakthithabhyam Vairagya samrajyadha poojanabhyam namo nama sri guru padukhabyam Kavithva varasini sagarabhyam dourbhagya davambudha malikabhyam Dhoorikrutha namra vipathithabhyam namo nama sri guru padukhabyam Natha yayo sripatitam samiyu kadachidapyasu daridra varya Mookascha vachaspathitham hi thabhyam namo nama sri guru padukhabyam Naleeka neekasa pada hrithabhyam nana vimohadhi nivarikabyam Nama janabheeshtathathi pradhabhyam […]

Discussing the Digestion of Yoga with a White Hindu

[Music] [Music] namaste I have a very interesting show with someone called three Lois a white woman who is a Hindu practitioner a disciple of swami dan and saraswati deeply involved in yoga has read some of my books been influenced by them and is on our side of this battle with those in the […]

Why we cannot know God with our mind | Limitation of mind in knowing God

The Vedas are telling us, you cannot know him. Why can we not know him? Let’s find out. What is the problem with him? The problem is not with him. The problem is with us, the knower. What is the problem with us? Our instruments of knowledge are defective How do we know anything? Supposing […]

Buddha and Ashoka: Crash Course World History #6

Hi, my name is John Green; you’re watching Crash Course World History and today we’re going to talk about India, which is hard because: A. I only have 10 minutes… Past John: Mr. Green, Mr. Green! Present John: I don’t have time for you today, Me from the Past! B. When we study history we […]