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The Ultimate Pencil Drawing Exercise For Beginner | Etude No. 1

Hello everyone. So do you want to start drawing realism but you just don’t know how to start practicing? Well today I’m going to show you how. This is how I taught myself how to draw. I’m a self taught artist. I did, however, go to an art school, but I studied classical music. I […]

Victor Martinez’s Massive Quad Day (Leg Workout)

Victor Martinez here I’m about to give you my leg workout please pay attention to the form number sets and why I train the way I do let’s do this we’re gonna start biking usually about five minutes because I do so much cardio on non leg days don’t do cardio on leg days hate […]

The Best Plank Exercises For Beginners- Full Body Workout

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. I’m Heather and in today’s video, I wanted to challenge you and pray for you while we do a plank exercise. Yay! You might not be good at planks now, but you’re gonna know how to plank by the end of this video. I will also drop my […]

How to… train at home | Freeletics

Training at home gives you the freedom to work your own schedule within your own environment. Freeletics is great because I just need me and a 2x2m space. Training at home has the distractions of getting up, getting the kid ready for school, getting the lunches prepared. Even if it’s not a full workout with […]

Whole Body Rotation: An Important Exercise For A Strong Golf Swing

This is a basic rotational exercise crucial for back health and for a good golf swing. Now even though this doesn’t exactly mimic the way you rotate with the golf swing, it’s still important. And practicing rotation in a controlled environment like your gym or your home with resistance prepares you to do explosive rotation […]

Dumbbell Swings: Side-to-Side – Golf Swing Warm Up Exercise

This is Dumbbell Swings – Side to Side, an excellent exercise for golf to start to improve our timing and rhythm for the swing. Dave’s gonna demonstrate this exercise. He’s gonna start with feet shoulder width apart, maybe a little bit wider. We’re using two dumbbells and the dumbbells will help us to achieve that […]

The Only Way to Get Out of Your Gym Membership Contract in California

hey guys i’m danielle from Sacramento better business bureau and this is torch talk in this episode we’re talking about gym membership contracts now that the holidays are over you might be feeling the weight of all the good food sweets and drinks apple cider of course what better way to kick off 2017 than […]