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Will Meditation Apps Help You To Meditate More?

Will meditation apps help you meditate more? The answer is yes and no. It depends on how you use it and what frame of mind you approach it from. Yes it helps because meditation apps like meditation books, videos, audios, and talks help you learn more about meditation and they will teach you how to […]

How to Pose in Photos! 12 Pose Ideas Every Short Girl Must Know!

Posing for photos can feel super awkward! You can be standing there for a long time feeling pretty confused and uncomfortable! *Look at this bike it’s so cute! Okay let’s try pose next to it! So today I’m going to share with you my top 12 poses that you can add to your arsenal. If […]

EFT for Anger । Therapy with Amit । Yoga with Amit

Hello, Namaste, Xin Chao, Welcome to Yoga with Amit, I am Amit Namdev and today i brought you another EFT session that is going to work & help your anger so if you are feeling some kind of anger and frustration it really a lot of anger is coming and let’s get out of it […]

We Did Planks Every Day For 30 Days

– I was surprised how it never got easier. I thought it would get easier and it just was the same amount of bad from start to finish. (upbeat music) – What this challenge is gonna consist of is us trying to do planks for three minutes for 30 days straight, ^and we’re gonna see […]