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Sprouted Moong Salad Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making sprouted moong dal salad. It’s very colourful, refreshing and healthy salad. Moong is a good source of protein and calcium. This salad you can serve as a salad or as a light lunch. This recipe will serve 2-3. For this recipe we need: About 1.5 cups of sprouted moong dal. […]

Gentle Yoga Poses : Yoga Left Hero Pose

Left side Hero, we’re going to sit up straight and tall. You take your right foot underneath your left leg, and take the left foot on top of the right leg. Now here, you want to take the ankle off the thigh and you want to sit up straight and tall. You want to take […]

Gentle Yoga Poses : Yoga Sitting Right Spinal Twist

Sitting Spinal Twist on the right. You take the left foot underneath the right leg, and take your right foot on the opposite side of the left leg. Try to focus that foot as flat on the floor and sit up toll so your spine goes long. You take your left hand right to that […]

Restorative Yoga : Yoga Supported Bridge Pose

Our next Restorative Posture, Supported Bridge Pose. So what you’ll need is a bolster and a towel or two or blanket. You’ll place the bolster underneath your back. So you want it about at the small of your back. Then for the other side of your bolster, you want to take, depends on your height, […]

Standing Yoga Poses : Yoga Sun Salutation Part 2

In this clip, I’m going to explain the second part of the sun salutation. If you’ve skipped ahead and not watched the previous clip, please go back. Because, then it will give you the sequence leading up to this. So, where I left off was for the beginner student where you’re still working on strength. […]

Yoga Meditation Exercises : Guided Meditation for Yoga Exercises

In any yoga practice, it’s important to find a way to center your mind. A great way to do this is through guided meditation. And I’m going to give you an example that you can use to begin and start thinking of ways to create that for yourself. Again, you want to find a comfortable […]

Yoga Meditation Exercises : Chants for Yoga Exercises

Many people are intimidated by chanting or they joke about, “uhmmm”, you know, when they practice yoga. But actually, chanting can be a nice way to center your energy and also focus in on something besides just your thoughts. There are several things about chanting. It can be loud and that’s the emotional energy connection, […]

Yoga Poses for Insomnia : Yoga Fire Log Pose for Insomnia

So we’re almost through our sequence for insomnia. By now you should be feeling calm, relaxed, rejuvenated, no worries, almost ready for bed. This is fire log pose, agnistambhasana, and from our easy pose all we’re going to do -this is a really intense hip stretch. If you’re not comfortable here you might want to […]

How To: Flutter Kicks

What’s up guys? I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com And I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do flutter kicks flutter kicks are fun. They were my wrestling coach, Mr. Bulldduck’s favorite exercise of torture for us in high school. What you’re gonna do is you lay down on the ground take your hands put them like […]