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Advanced Pilates Exercises : Advanced Pilates Exercises: Leg Pull Front

This advanced pilates exercise is called the leg pull front because we are going to be facing front really working the hamstrings, the gluts, the core and everything so come on down to a prone position. Your hands are directly underneath your shoulders and you want to lift your knees up off the mat and […]

Pilates Warm-Up Exercises : The Leg Change Pilates Exercise

So the next exercise is similar to the single leg lift. Now we will alternate legs. So, take a nice inhale through the sides of the ribs feeling the back of the ribs on the mat still. Exhale, take one leg up. Inhale, and as you drop it down to the floor, just pick the […]

Intermediate Pilates Exercises : The Pilates Teaser Preparation

The next exercise is called teaser prep. It’s an excellent exercise for abdominal control and for back extensor strength. And will prepare you for teasers one, two and three, which we’ll work on in the following sections. The beginning position is here with your knees bent and your arms out. On the exhale, roll down […]

Meditating in Ancient Buddhist Temple in Seoul South Korea

Greetings Vagabuddies. Welcome back to Seoul, South Korea. Today is going to be a much slower, more mellow video. We are here at the Bongeunsa Temple. I hope I pronounced that right. It’s a twelve hundred year old temple in the middle of modern Seoul. It’s a Buddhist Temple Once a week they open up […]

Tummy time exercises for your baby

When you take your baby home from the hospital you will have been given instructions, which are very important, that you put your baby to sleep on his back, in his own bed, it should be in your room, close to your bed, the bed should be flat with no blankets pillows or any toys, […]

Beginner Pilates Exercises : The Criss Cross Exercise for Pilates

The next exercise I am going to demonstrate for you is called the crisscross. Go ahead and lie flat on your mat. You are going to take both hands, place them behind your head and elbows are going to come out to the side. Go ahead and bring both knees in toward your chest, finding […]