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When to Use Different Kinds of Barbells in the Gym

what’s up guys Joe Bennett Josh Vogle here with redcon1 and we’re going over some tips as far as when would you use different types of bars so we’re gonna cover again some straight bars and cambered bars trap bars safety squat bar and specifically in this video we’re gonna talk about the Swiss bar […]

Full Body Workout | 30 Minute Dumbbell Workout For Thanksgiving

All right – hey guys today is gonna be a quick total body workout! All you’re gonna need is a pair of dumbbells, or multiple pairs of dumbbells depending on the exercise, so this right here is gonna be your Thanksgiving Day to workout! Either just find a quiet section of the gym get it […]

How do supplements and exercise training affect timing-restricted eating?

[Rhonda]: But, you know, people are asking about things, like even supplements. And I think, like, you know, again, you’ve answered that we don’t, you know… You know, are you taking fish oil? Is it a fatty acid? I mean maybe… There’s lots of things here because that is, you know… So if you’re taking […]

3 Exercises For Pectus Excavatum

Kyle Blandford with HypertroFit and pectuswarriors.com Today, we’re going to go through some of the best exercises that you can be performing for pectus excavatum for that sunken chest. So one of the biggest mistakes that I see people making with this condition is just focusing on training the pecs, trying to build your chest […]

How to Build Muscle without Gym with Calisthenics/Bodyweight

The key to building muscle optimally with calisthenics or any other discipline is this chart. It shows you how difficult exercises should you choose to increase your strength, muscle mass or muscular endurance. As you can see, optimal repetiton range for hypertrophy, which is muscle growth, is between 7 and 11. So, for example, if […]

GYM WORKOUT for MEN & WOMEN | Birthday in PARIS ♥

Is that spicy ? Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. You have to wake up baby.. You have to blow your candles !! I didn’t have enough candles ! Are you ready for you day ? You’re a bit tired, aren’t you ? Do you blow your candles ? Careful, we don’t want […]