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Experience studying yoga in India – Yoga Students review

Why do we come to study yoga in India? Well, there is no just one answer to this, Not all come for the same purpose But yes, everyone loves yoga and everyone loves being in India I’m Gastón Danterre, from India Yoga Vibes, and today I come to present you the experience of 6 Yoga […]

Viparita Karani – 6 Everyday Wall Exercises for All | Yoga for Beginners

Hello friends! Namaste! Today I will show you Wall Exercise. It is called Viparita Karani also. It is good for leg pain, blood pressure problem, varicose veins, menopause problems, and many others. So, let’s start! Starting pose To start with, keep your hips touching the wall. Press your feet against the wall. Now, keep your […]

Ashra Yoga Flow : Tutorial for : the upper dog pose

Upper dog pose Lie in prone position place your hands on the floor on either side of the chest and keep your elbows close to your body spaced legs to the width of the basin and pull out to pull the fingers of feet inhale and press your hands and back feet on the floor […]

Indus Valley Civilization: Crash Course World History #2

Hi, I’m John Green, and this is Crash Course World History. Let’s begin today with a question. Why am I alive? Also, why don’t I have any eyes? Ah, That’s better. The way we answer that question ends up organizing all kinds of other thoughts, like what we should value, and how we should behave, […]

Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Gita, Mysore

Too much organized life makes you to miss the colors of life Fly to us to find all the missing colors of your life It’s a welcome to make a journey to find celebration in simplicity Explore the opportunity to re-relate to the past to find freedom in presence Let’s interact with the outside world […]

Relief from Anxiety with Yoga

today we going to talk about anxiety anxiety is the main reason that a person can’t enjoy the present moment and so many problems in the body what you can do with it you can really deal with it and in yoga we have really some methods if you really apply them they will help […]

KUNG FU YOGA opening fight scene

Monk Xuanzang of Tang-Dynasty China Went west into India in search of Buddhist Sutras. His pilgrimage initiated the close ties between the two kingdoms. Later Tang China sent his envoy Wang Xuance to India. He made a remarkable contribution to the development of relations, and cultural exchanges between China and India. In AD 647 Arunasva, […]