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Single Leg Strength Mobility Game – Stick Mobility Exercises

What’s up everybody? We’re gonna show you another game and this one’s gonna challenge your single leg strength and ability to move on a single leg. So, Dennis is gonna set up. He’s got the stick on one side for stability and here are the rules. With the hand that’s not on the stick he’s […]

Thoracic Rotation Wall Push – Stick Mobility Exercises

Hey what’s up everybody? Today we’re gonna work on some thoracic rotation. I’m gonna give you a really simple drill. All you’ll need is one stick. So we’ve got Ray here, he’s gonna set up into a nice wide horse stance. Or just this big straddle if you don’t know what the horse stance is. […]

Thoracic Snake Reach – Stick Mobility Exercises

Hey everyone! What we’re gonna show you here is a little bit of thoracic rotation with the short stick. So Neal has a four-foot stick, he’s gonna place it behind his back in the crooks of the elbows. So if you take a look at the position it’s at mid-back. We don’t want to stick […]

The New Pilates & GYROTONIC(R) Studio at CORE In Austin, Texas

Hey guys… happy happy Monday its Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates. We had a huge weekend and over the weekend we were able to rearrange the space we as we as we took over some more space in the back so I just want to do a quick little tour of the studio […]

5-min Lower Body Mobility Flow – Stick Mobility Chair Exercises

Hey everyone. So what we’re gonna do in this series here is we’re going to show you a little bit of lower body extremity work that you can do if you’ve been sitting at a desk a lot. Grab a short stick, here Neal has the four foot stick. Use whatever you have at your […]

The Couch Stretch Made Better #2 – Stick Mobility Exercise

We’re back again! A variation, variation number two on the Couch Stretch is with the Monkey Hang. So we can open up the whole lateral line, alright. So once again same setup as before, you put the top of the foot on the bench, drop down, use the pad if needed, okay. This time instead […]

5-min Seated Upper Body Mobility Flow – Stick Mobility Chair Exercises

Hey everyone! So what we’re gonna show you is a little upper body routine for especially when you’re locked down at your desk and you’re getting a little tight through the shoulders, chest, some neck issues. So grab a short stick, we have a 4-foot stick here. If you have a short little dowel in […]

Monkey Hang Using A Short Stick – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey what’s up? So, how do you get some good stretchin if you’ve only got a short stick? or maybe you’re traveling and all you can bring is your short stick right? So we’ve got a four-footer. Here’s a good way, we’re gonna use the bench, but you can use anything you can find. A […]

Squat Warm-up with Coach Ray Bailey – Stick Mobility Exercise

Whats up guys! Dennis and Ray Bailey here. Showing you a little bit of squat prep. How Ray gets ready to do some squatting. So we have his feet together, sticks are at 11 and 1. The base of the sticks are angled towards Ray to get that natural arm line drive. So Ray’s gonna […]