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Why we cannot know God with our mind | Limitation of mind in knowing God

The Vedas are telling us, you cannot know him. Why can we not know him? Let’s find out. What is the problem with him? The problem is not with him. The problem is with us, the knower. What is the problem with us? Our instruments of knowledge are defective How do we know anything? Supposing […]

The Four Parts of the Mind – Vinita Bali with Sadhguru

Vinita Bali: So, Sadhguru, what is a creative mind? Sadhguru: Oh! How big an answer do you want? Vinita Bali: As big as you want it. Sadhguru: See, the English word mind doesn’t say anything because it’s just one generic word, which does not describe different dimensions of what the mind is. Mind is not […]

Mind: A Yogic Perspective – Sadhguru at MIT

in modern medicine in Modern science, there’s a tendency to identify consciousness mind and Brain Make mind a function of the brain Consciousness a function of the mind and to treat them chemically and to alter them chemically and that well-being is good chemistry of the brain higher consciousness is good chemistry of the brain […]