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MidBrain Tapping Yoga – Fast Yogi Meditation Exercise

Just close your eyes, And then go to this spot in between the two eyebrows. I call it as the Brow Chakra, And then what you do is Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap. And now you experience the Feeling in the areas where you have Tapped. Going up. First […]

International Yoga Day Sweaty Betty Giveaway

welcome to tabatha yoga and welcome to this favorite day in my calendar its international yoga day and to celebrate the day sweaty Betty has been kind enough to donate stick prize and we’re going to give it away to one of our subscribers firstly let me show you this amazing price so two prizes […]

Patanjali Yoga Course Introduction

hi welcome thank you for purchasing this course on yoga in this course you are going to find out what yoga is you’re going to understand that it’s not just about postures and hatha yoga classes with lots of people doing exercise and stretching and it’s way more than that whilst this can be part […]

Sadhguru Addresses the UN – IDY 2016

Sadhguru: Good afternoon everybody, the Excellencies and Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for being here. Maxwell Kennedy: Good afternoon Sadhguru and good afternoon to your Excellencies and distinguished guests and to all the meditators who are watching on the internet right now. I’m so grateful to be here and it’s such a privilege really to […]

International Yoga Day | Yoga Dance Class | yoga day | Hindi Rhymes | Kids Yoga by Jugnu Kids

मैं छोटा हूँ तो क्या हुआ मैं भी योगा कर लेता हूँ लम्बी लम्बी साँसे लेकर शरीर शुद्ध कर लेता हूँ मैं छोटा हूँ तो क्या हुआ मैं भी योगा कर लेता हूँ इधर पलट कर, उधर पलट कर सब आसन कर लेता हूँ आखें खोल, जीभ निकाल सिंह आसन कर लेता हूँ मैं छोटा […]

YOGA Se Hi Hoga | International Yoga Day | Karan Dhawan

1. Yoga brings Enthusiasm & Energy 2. Yoga teaches us to stretch our boundaries 3. Helps us sleep better 4. Helps in reducing weight 5. Yoga brings inner peace & reduces stress 6. Builds muscle strength 7. Improves posture 8. Yoga uplifts mood & makes us Happier 9. Helps in balancing Emotions 10. Makes us […]

Namaskar – Yoga for All

Sadhguru: Namaskar. The physical world is a product of polarities – masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang, Ida-Pingala, Shiva-Shakti, right brain or left brain or whatever you may want to call them The longing to find union of polarities is finding expression through ambition, conquest, love, sex and yoga. Yoga means union. Simplest form of […]

Isha Upa Yoga Practices : Learn Yoga Online

Sadhguru is a realized yogi and mystic, who works tirelessly towards the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all. With a unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to contemporary minds, Sadhguru acts as a bridge to the deeper dimensions of life. His approach does not ascribe to any belief system, but offers […]