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Why we cannot know God with our mind | Limitation of mind in knowing God

The Vedas are telling us, you cannot know him. Why can we not know him? Let’s find out. What is the problem with him? The problem is not with him. The problem is with us, the knower. What is the problem with us? Our instruments of knowledge are defective How do we know anything? Supposing […]

Understanding Dualities in Creation

this world has been created with two auntie’s Jeremiah say start a golden door show Maya this machina canon tada sometimes an angle Holly by her but he had an evolving because he says God has created this world with two sites the dark and the light tonight and they soft at the heart the […]

Benefit from looking INSIDE | Two benefits of meditation

Now he is saying the consequence of such chanting, such meditation upon the name of God will be that our mind, consciousness will turn inwards. The problem is the Kathopanishad states, the creator Brahma has created our senses such that they are outwardly directed. The eyes want to see, the ears want to hear. the […]

How To Know God Without His GRACE | Ways To attain GOD | part-5

There is one way to know God without His Grace. What is that way? This injunction is not only given by the scriptures. The great Acharyas have reiterated the same thing. The propounder of Gyan Marg Jagadgru Shankaracharya says, Sanskrit verse Sanskrit verse Sanskrit verse Sanskrit verse He says, I have become eternally gratified. How […]