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Children’s Yoga FAQ: Which children is it most suitable for?

There are so many benefits to be gained from a yoga practice that all young people will come away with something. The sporty kids enjoy the physical challenge and the focus element. For those less engaged in sports you will be introducing them to the perfect non-competitive activity as they get to focus on their […]

Kids’ Yoga FAQ: How will the children benefit?

The benefits of regular yoga to children are that they feel happier calmer, and able to deal with tough situations more effectively. Yoga helps build an awareness of emotional responses, and empowers them with self regulation tools. These psychological benefits of increased social, mental and emotional health and wellbeing come hand in hand with the […]

How to get a child to sleep: Bedtime Yoga

Hi everyone, welcome to Class Yoga. This is a bedtime yoga class. So go and hop into your PJs and then you can even do this right on your bed, or on the floor just next to it. OK so let’s start sitting cross-legged. You might be right on your bed, you might be on […]

Yoga for the classroom: end of term

– Having been a classroom teacher myself, I know how tired everyone starts to feel towards the end of term. So this class is a short class to help everyone feel calm and more refreshed. Teachers, as always, be sure to join in. (upbeat music) I’m Helen, this is Class Yoga, the place to be […]

PoserKids Pulse | GUINEA PIG FACES FEARS! | Kids Yoga News

Hi PoserKids, Alex Andra here, thanking you as always for checking in with the Poser Pulse. Today we’ll be looking back on all that we’ve learned so far on the poser portal. Recently we sat down with poser kids founder and CEO, mr. Mateo to talk about what the four poser promises are, and what […]