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Children’s Yoga with Class Yoga Online

Our children today are suffering from increasing levels of stress and anxiety, issues that yoga and mindfulness are proven to reduce. At class yoga we enable teachers parents and carers to provide yoga for children, teaching them how to be calm relax and self manage their behaviour. See enhanced concentration and learning, plus improve strength, […]

Yoga for Stress in Kids

Hi everyone and welcome to Class Yoga! So life can feel a bit stressful sometimes but remember there’s a lot we can do to help ourselves feel better. So grab yourself a mat, if you have, one and we’ll get started! Let’s start on our knees. Sit back on your knees and start to roll […]

Yoga for the Classroom – Find some Focus, Improve concentration

So I’m sure you know that standing up from our desks and moving our bodies helps us to feel much more awake and focused. This is a short class to get you up and moving and get refocused with some fun balances. I’m Helen and this is Class Yoga – the place to be for […]

PoserKids Pulse | A Bunch of Bully | Kids Yoga News

Hey Poserkids, Erin Namaste here thanking you as always for checking in with the Poser Pulse. This month were focusing on bullying and bullying has affected us all in some way whether we’ve been bullied or have been the bully even our very own Mr. Mateo was being bullied this month. So he spent some […]

Get Started with Real Yoga for Kids!

Hi everyone, I’m Helen from Class Yoga. We’re so excited to welcome you to our new challenge, Get Started with Real Yoga for Kids! I think you and the kids are going to love it! As part of the challenge we’ll be doing a five-minute yoga class for 5 days for you to share with […]

Lulu the Baby Lioness | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. Just copy the moves I do and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always start in the same way and that’s by sitting on our bottoms and crossing our legs and bringing our hands together at […]

Yoga for the Classroom – calm and unwind

At the end of a day yoga is great for helping us to unwind. You might want to try this class in the middle or at the end of a busy afternoon. I’m Helen and this is Class Yoga, the place to be for real yoga for kids! I’d love you to subscribe so I […]

Thought Bubbles | Cosmic Kids Zen Den – Mindfulness for kids

[Music] hello everyone welcome to the cosmic kids Zenden your place to feel calm and relaxed and to help our minds stay healthy and happy first let’s get comfy sitting on our bottoms with our legs crossed we bring our hands to our knees and take a big deep breath now let’s get the Zenden […]