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Yoga Feature

Hi! My name is Ronda. I have been employed here at St. Joseph’s Indian School for the last 27 years as a school nurse, and I love my career in that. But I have always longed for a little bit more. I have become a yoga teacher while employed here at St. Joe’s. As well […]

Sneaky Jokes On Our Dad! (And Spying!) Kids Fun TV

[Mysterious music] Three, two, one! [Dad] Ahhh! Aw, Yes! I’m on vacation. The kids are back in the hotel room with their mom. [Both] Shhh! Guys, should we play a trick on our dad? I snuck away for a little bit of free time of my own to do nothing but, relax! Let’s do it! […]

Old Macdonald Had A Farm | Toddler Fun Learning | Nursery rhyme

Old Macdonald Had a Farm, eee aiii eee aiii oh. And on that farm he had some cows, eee aiii eee aiii oh. With a moo, moo here and a moo, moo there. Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo, moo Old Macdonald Had a Farm, eee aiii eee aiii oh. Old Macdonald […]

KIDZ BOP Kids – Best Day Of My Life (Dance Along)

I had a dream so big and loud I jumped so high I touched the clouds Wo-o-o-o-o-oh Wo-o-o-o-o-oh I stretched my hands out to the sky We danced with monsters through the night Wo-o-o-o-o-oh Wo-o-o-o-o-oh I’m never gonna look back Whoa, I’m never gonna give it up No, please don’t wake me now This is […]

Still and Moving Center Kids Camp 2020

We are a center that really embodies wellness, cultural enrichment, as well as being a community center. We are a place where we foster joy and collaboration and community. We are holding space for your keiki to explore their bodies their emotions and their social interactions in a safe place and mindful place. What do […]

Coffee Chat | Friday Fashion Finds!!

Good Morning! So it’s an implementation day, actually it’s a goals focus day for the Rediscover Me Challenge and before we dive into Relationships Week I am going to do another wildcard day like I did yesterday but this one’s gonna be a little bit more lighthearted we’re going to talk about some spring trends […]

Kids Learn Magic | Disappearing Water Trick | HiHo Kids

– I’m gonna teach you a trick right now, you ready? – Yes! – Yes. – Yes! – Yes. – Yes! – Yes. – Yes! (mischievous music) – My name is Nash, I do magic. – My name is Desmond – And I teach him. – I’m learning magic. – Today I’m gonna teach you […]