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Solo Tantra standing meditation- to improve focus. Unique practice.

I can’t wait to share this. Hello there. Today’s meditation is a moving meditation so you will need a stick or similar item so like I have this item here and it has grooves and then you can gaze upon the middle or I like to just gaze upon the top I’ve even used like […]

Samadhi Yoga – The Kundalini Secrets

So, this is a really good movement here to get the sexual energy going it’s called “undulating” basically you want to become like seaweed, the bottom of the ocean just feeling the ocean movie inside of this as you can see and you’re just starting with the knees knees come forward and the way it […]

How to Do Kundalini Yoga Exercises : Cat Cow Kundalini Yoga Pose

SCOTT SOLLER: Hi, my name is Scott Soller, yoga instructor, here on behalf of Expert Village. For the catcow, we’ll move back and forth, same pelvic tilts. On the exhale, draw the two sides of the abdomen in curling the tail. Inhaling, relaxing abdomen, lifting tail. Feel how your abdominals and your pelvis work together. […]

Welcome to Valinda’s Yoga

Valinda makes yoga accessible to everyone and it’s really been an uplifting part of my life because she gets really deep and she really gets in there and helps you change your life thank you so much for clicking this video I so appreciate you being here and I can’t wait to help you! Before […]

Day 17 – Happiness Boost Yoga – 30 Days of Yoga

Hey guys, welcome to 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and I’m super excited, it’s day 17. I can’t believe it. We’re doing so good. All right, let’s get on the mat and get started. Today we’re going to begin on our backs. So, keep the soles of the feet on the earth, […]