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Harald Rønneberg blir overrasket med nakenyoga

Now I’m here. This is kind of exciting. Naked yoga. I have joked about that for several years. Now I get to do it. I’m guessing this is revenge, Thomas Numme. After I decided that you had to do naked volleyball. Lucky that I lost weight this summer, and worked out a lot. [email protected]#k! Now […]

Laugh your socks off with Snow #369 who teaches laughter yoga

I’m Snow, and I’m facilitating laughter yoga sessions, in London. Laughter yoga is a really fun wellness program, that actually has incredible benefits. We basically interact through laughter, so it’s a system where the teacher shows a series of laughter exercises and for the group dynamic and interaction, their initially initiated laughter turns into real […]


Hello GUYS, welcome to our channel, my name is Konstantin! And my name is Artem! Today we will ask GIRLS to takeOFF PANTS! Could you takeOFF PANTS? GIRL: “NO!” Why? Because i don’t want! You know, i don’t understand how i could takeoff it Sorry, could you help me to takeOFF PANTS? GIRL: “What you […]

Parents v. Kids Yoga Challenge | Jaz and Brooke

(laughing) (beeps) – Hi. – It’s Twinrobats here, – Hi. parents. I’m Jaz’s mum. – And I’m Brooke’s dad. And Jaz’s dad. – And welcome back to Squared. (laughing) – Squared. – Squared. (pencil scratching) (dinging) – Today’s video we’re going to be doing the parent vs kids yoga challenge. – Obviously we’re gonna win. […]

People Try Laughter Yoga • The Test Friends

(laughing) (upbeat guitar music) – I love yoga. So, and I love laughing, so I’m really excited to put them together. – I like laughing. Yoga, I’m indifferent to. – To be frank, I have no idea what the fuck’s going on here. I have no idea what’s gonna happen today. – I’m sure this […]


Hi guys, I’m Rydel and this is my friend Sophy Hi! Today we’re gonna do the yoga challenge and she’s much smaller than me so this should be really easy, and she’s flexible so wish us luck and Oh no! here goes nothing. I gotta like I gotta stretch first though so this is gonna […]