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Yoga with Lorrie Lynch: Cat/Cow Pose

This simple cat and cow movement helps the spine stay more supple. So come onto your hands and knees with your hips stacked over your knees and your shoulders stacked over your wrists. Your back will become flat as a table, which is why we call this tabletop. As you inhale deeply, drop your belly […]

Coffee Chat | Friday Fashion Finds!!

Good Morning! So it’s an implementation day, actually it’s a goals focus day for the Rediscover Me Challenge and before we dive into Relationships Week I am going to do another wildcard day like I did yesterday but this one’s gonna be a little bit more lighthearted we’re going to talk about some spring trends […]

Yoga for Breakups 🔥 How to Get Over Your Ex

downDOGMA Hey yogis, feeling down in the dumps about your most recent breakup? Here’s a list of of 8 yoga poses to helping you get over your ex. Pose number one: BOAT POSE because you escaped that sinking ship. [crying in the background] Pose number two: BIRD OF PARADISE because you’re the freest of the […]