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Benefits of Kinstretch | Living Healthy Chicago

(peaceful music) – Joint health is not just something the elderly need to worry about. It’s something we all need to focus on early to maintain mobility longer. So in today’s motivation to move, we’re talking about kinstretch. And I am with Jessica Carlin to learn more. Now Jessica, what is kinstretch? – Kinstretch is […]

Yoga For Stress | Living Healthy Chicago

Here on Living Healthy Chicago we love a good healthy habit that promotes mental well-being. Today we’re going to check one out that’s very popular for that, yoga. So let’s meet a woman who describes it as an essential part of her week. (upbeat instrumental music) Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy […]

Learning about Prenatal Yoga Benefits | Living Healthy Chicago

The great thing about healthy habits is that you can pick up new ones throughout your life and change them to meet your needs. So Jackie is with a mom-to-be to find out why she tried yoga during pregnancy. – Hi, my name is Lisa. I’m a lawyer and a mom-to-be, and my healthy habit […]