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Basic Exercise Plans : How to Do Jumping Jacks

Hi I’m Les Whitley. Today I’d like to show you how to do the basic jumping jack. To begin this exercise we start off with feet together hands down by the side. The up phase feet come apart and hands come all the way up over head together. Return back to the start position by […]

The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

We have this idea that if we want to lose weight, we join a gym on January 1st, we start working out regularly, and eventually we’ll slim down. Well, here’s some bad news. I read more than sixty studies on this, and it turns out exercise is actually pretty useless when it comes to weight […]

Day TEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

– Hey, Killer B’s, it’s Pahla B., from Pahlabfitness.com, and on tap today I’ve got day 10 of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 Series. And today’s workout is one of my favorite ones of all time. We’re going for a walk with a little bit of running. Now that does mean the day […]

The Truth About Exercise and Weight Loss

I often get into trouble when I talk about exercise in weight management. Here’s the reasons why. I begin with the caveat that exercise, I’m quite convinced, is the strongest determinant of someone’s quality of life and health long into the future. There is no behavior, other than quitting smoking, that is more likely to […]


Yeah we’re gonna have vacuum in the house. You’re doing an aerobics dance move while you’re vacuuming. That’s what I’m gonna do. You can see the beautiful background here. Okay, so I need to give you guys an update on how I’ve been doing with exercising and my goals and all that stuff, and I’ve […]

You Can’t Out Exercise A Bad Habit | Dietless Living

I saw a guy the other day light up a cigarette as he walked out the gym. Look at that! He was beautiful. He obviously been obviously spent a lot of time in the gym working out and building up a very masculine, muscular physique. But he’s smoking and he’s not the first person I’ve […]

Timbaland Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

(knocking on door) – [Interviewer] Hey Timbaland, open up. – What’s up? (bell dinging) I know why y’all here. Y’all here to see my gym, my fridge. That’s what I want y’all to see come on. ♪ I’mma kill this beat like it’s not live ♪ ♪ If you knew me ♪ ♪ y’all would […]