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Successfully Contact Your Spirit Guide(s) Guided Meditation

Welcome We are going to begin by finding a comfortable sitting or lying position for your body. Place your body, adjust your legs and arms in a way that it is the most comfortable and in which you can breathe easily and naturally. Softly close your eyes and let all of the muscles of the […]

Connect & Recharge with Source Energy | Guided Meditation

Find a quiet space, sit or lie down. Have your palms facing upward. Gently close your eyes and draw your attention inward. Begin your experience by noticing your breath’85 Watch your body breathe. Let it all be as is and let your body to just be and to just breathe. Feel your skin wrapped all […]


I don’t know why you had to bring me to the edgy part of town cross the road …cross the road I’m not worried about being edgy I’m already edgy I’ve got a top knot bins 4 … 4 bins for one house You know ! what are they eating? Sign of a bad road… […]

glowing up while discussing my high school glow up

So welcome to my glow up. Ummm Basically, I have nothing on my face at all. Nothing in my hair. Nothing on my body Like I am au naturale and I am going to be turning this… into this I don’t know what I just showed here, but I hope it’s nice Let’s look up […]

Ellen and Michelle Obama Break It Down

– You’re doing something new at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll, right? – Yeah, well, in honor of the fifth anniversary I’ve issued this challenge. We’re calling it “Gimme Five.” And we’re using the hashtag “Gimme Five” on social media. And we’re asking folks all across the country to give me five […]