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Meditation for Decision Making – Terri Cole

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Headspace | Meditation | Why Focus on the Happiness of Others?

Have you ever wondered why, when you chase after happiness, it seems so elusive? I think most of us do it most of the time There’s an idea that happiness exists somewhere else Not in this moment, maybe in another place, or it’s with another person, just doing something different When we chase after happiness, […]

Headspace | Meditation | Accepting the Mind

Think of the mind as a still pool of water Each thought is like a raindrop – it creates a ripple on the surface If it starts raining very hard or is perhaps a little windy then the pool might become so cloudy that we can’t see what’s on the bottom But the potential to […]

Headspace | Meditation | Brilliant things happen in calm minds

When did you last take the time to do nothing? And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. These days, we rarely give our minds a chance to rest. And as a result, we often feel stressed, overwhelmed by emotions. Lost in thought almost half of our waking hours. And everybody just assumes, well, that’s […]

Meditation For Relaxation ♥ 10 Min Of Peace, Calm, & Tranquility

welcome to your meditation for letting go of anxiety starting by sitting up right in a comfortable postion inhale reaching your arms up to the sky exhale hands down to your knees you may lean against a wall or sit up right whatever is comfortable for you relax your shoulders elongate your spine and begin […]

How meditation helped one man become an Olympic champion

My name is Etienne Stott and I am a canoe slalom athlete on the Great Britain team. Canoe slalom is a sport held on white water rapids where we race against the clock down a course. There’s lots of variables the white water is changing and we have to try to be calm. That is […]

Mini meditations | Experience your food

Hi and welcome to Headspace. So before you begin eating just take a moment to consider where your food has come from — where it was grown, where it was prepared, maybe where it’s traveled from. Just pausing, looking at the food, and then picking the food up. Taking a moment to smell the food. […]

Headspace | Meditation | Changing Perspective

Training the mind is often quite different to how people imagined it to be. Maybe they have an idea it’s about stopping thoughts or eliminating feelings. But the reality is a bit different. An easy way to think of it is to imagine yourself sitting on the side of a busy road. The passing cars […]

Meditation tips | How to find time in a busy schedule

Finding time to meditate, I think it’s a problem for all of us, right? Life is busy we have lots of things to do, lots of commitments, lots of responsibilities. But the bottom line of finding 10 minutes in the day is an old saying that if you can’t find ten minutes in the day […]