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Heart Opening Yoga | 10 Minute Vinyasa Flow

– In yoga philosophy, one of the most important energy centers is the heart chakra. It’s also known as anahata chakra. Engaging in a heart opening yoga flow symbolizes the opening of the heart, a growth in compassion and connection to self and others, and it reduces isolation and depression. It’s really good at healing […]

Medical research into the benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation 1/6

Thank you very much Nigel. Okay. So as Nigel said, I will tell you about the medical aspects of Sahaja Yoga. As we’ve heard, Sahaja Yoga is a spiritual method but it has been associated with health benefits. So I will tell you about the effects on the body, on the brain, on your health […]

Insight Into Depression – Sadhguru

[Sadhguru] If you are capable of causing depression to yourself I’m saying this not without any concern for your illness or not due to lack of compassion, because that is the nature of what’s happening to you. If you’re causing depression to yourself, you are able to generate substantial amount of intense emotions and thoughts, […]

What’s Rage Yoga, And Why It’s a New Way to Release Stress

Imagine someone sitting at a bar and sipping on a beer. You might think they’re just trying to unwind after a stressful week at work. But what if I told you that they were actually taking a break in the middle of a yoga class? Well, that’s what a Rage Yoga class looks like! This […]

I Tried Minimalism For A Week

– This is a disaster. (upbeat instrumental music) We live in a culture full of stuff, bombarded with advertisements pushing us to buy more stuff. We accumulate more and more and more until we need an extra storage unit to fit it all. Today there are more self-storage facilities in the U.S. than there are […]

I Am Not A Monster: Schizophrenia | Cecilia McGough | TEDxPSU

Translator: Sara Palacios Reviewer: Theresa Ranft Hello, my name is Cecilia McGough. I’m an astronomy and astrophysics major here at Penn State, and the founder and president of the Penn State Pulsar Search Collaboratory. In high school, I was lucky enough to have co-discovered a pulsar through the Pulsar Search Collaboratory. A pulsar is a […]

Costume College 2019 || The Introvert’s Guide (ft. Bernadette Banner)

– What if we do, like, vlogception? (laughing) We’re doing vlogception right now. Cathy’s vlogging me vlogging Cathy. Cathy’s giving me a life lesson about taking breaks. – [Cathy] Oh, I have to stop giving advice, don’t I? – No, you don’t, your advice is very valuable. – [Cathy] By now, you may have seen […]

Yoga and Anxiety – Jo & Devani (Interview 2017)

Hey guys, its Jo! I’m here today with my friend Devani, she’s been gracious enough to be interviewed by me. Today she’s going to talk to us a little bit about her experiences with anxiety and she’s also a yoga instructor so she’s going to talk to us a little bit about that. So I […]

Meditation for Anxiety – Yoga With Adriene

– Howdy pal, and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and today we have a meditation for you to help you with anxiety. Happens to the best of us. It can get out of control fast. So, thank you for joining me in this meditation to help quell and soften and maybe even cure […]