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5 Minutes Anger Management Meditation | How To Control Anger – Guided Meditation

Namaste, welcome to another episode of Wellness with Vibha. I’m your host Vibha. And today… I want to teach two simple techniques to deal with your anger and regain self-control. Expressing anger or getting upset is a normal human emotion and reaction. However, sometimes we get upset simply because we lose self-control. Which is harmful […]


By playing this tape regularly and By doing what it says to do You are assuming an active and powerful role in improving your health During this process it is best if you can manage to stay awake throughout the duration of the tape This side is a guided body scan meditation Designed to help […]

Headspace | Meditation | Why Focus on the Happiness of Others?

Have you ever wondered why, when you chase after happiness, it seems so elusive? I think most of us do it most of the time There’s an idea that happiness exists somewhere else Not in this moment, maybe in another place, or it’s with another person, just doing something different When we chase after happiness, […]

Headspace | Meditation | Accepting the Mind

Think of the mind as a still pool of water Each thought is like a raindrop – it creates a ripple on the surface If it starts raining very hard or is perhaps a little windy then the pool might become so cloudy that we can’t see what’s on the bottom But the potential to […]

Headspace | Meditation | Brilliant things happen in calm minds

When did you last take the time to do nothing? And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. These days, we rarely give our minds a chance to rest. And as a result, we often feel stressed, overwhelmed by emotions. Lost in thought almost half of our waking hours. And everybody just assumes, well, that’s […]

5-Minute Mindfulness Breathing Meditation with Jimmy Hickey

This is Jimmy Hickey. Welcome to 5-Minute Mindfulness Breathing Meditation. This is simple technique that focuses on the breath resulting in reduced stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. It also works great for cooling yourself down when your temper flares or for sharpening your concentration skills. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor With […]