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Calming breathing exercise for kids anxiety- teach them how to!

How to calm a child with anxiety, with breathing. Just saying to a child, “just breathe slowly” doesn’t work. They don’t understand what that means. A young child is not really aware of their breathing or more accurately, how to control it. In this video, I’m going to teach visually how to breathe slowly to […]

Mindfulness Meditation – Breathing Exercise 1

mindfulness of breath 3-minute breathing exercise to prepare for this exercise just take a few moments whether you’re sitting or standing just to find a comfortable position you may choose to close your eyes or keep them open if you feel a bit tired it may be useful to let just a little bit of […]

Simple tips to reduce your stress right now

Pressure -how the never-ending goal of more leads to stress. In today’s corporate world we are asked to do more. More with less time, more with less resources and yet targets that are higher than we have ever achieved before The pursuit of more both at work and the pursuit of more in our home […]

Meditation for panic attacks: does mindfulness work? (The Latest Research)

Sarah asks — “How can I stop my panic attacks naturally? I’m interested in mindfulness meditation and I’m wondering, does it work for panic attacks?” Hi, I’m Michael Norman and welcome to “PanicFree TV” Q&A. This is where as a scientist and anxiety specialist, I answer your most pressing questions about how to quickly stop […]

RAIN on Blame: A Guided Meditation with Tara Brach

[bells] You know, whatever our habit is, whatever we practice, really does get stronger, the grooves get deeper and it takes a really deep reflection and commitment to practice something different no matter how right you think you are when you’re in conflict no matter how right, it’s still a trance that keeps you in […]

How Heartfulness Meditation Can Change Us Mentally and Spiritually | Daaji

Welcome to Sync Mind. For a Better Experience, Please Use Headphones! In India you need not know the why, what and how of meditation. Most people are aware of it that meditation is a way to spirituality. How to look within? Methods are there, but to explore the methods suitable to oneself is difficult to […]