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Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 1 ~ Meal Prep & Exercise

what is going on everyone this is the very first weight-loss Wednesday video from Jax and I hear this should be airing on January 1st because that’s when my official weight-loss starts if you missed my last video about a week ago James from Warren west of state and Russ from our beer TV we […]

5-Minute Letting Go Meditation for Minimalists

Hello friends this is Youheum. Welcome to a guided meditation session for letting go, decluttering, and minimizing. Feel free to take this time to close your eyes to lie down or sit upright. You can also let this be a visual experience if you want to leave your eyes open. The choice is always up […]


Hello friends! This is Youheum and I’m an extreme minimalist living in a Furniture-free apartment. I sleep in a hammock full-time with no mattress bed and no bed frame. Today I thought of just sharing my experience of using a hammock and how I set it up. Some of you wanted to know after watching […]

I Tried Minimalism For A Week

– This is a disaster. (upbeat instrumental music) We live in a culture full of stuff, bombarded with advertisements pushing us to buy more stuff. We accumulate more and more and more until we need an extra storage unit to fit it all. Today there are more self-storage facilities in the U.S. than there are […]

Too many t-shirts and yoga pants

today we’re going to be working on clothes that are folded or just shoved anything any kind of clothes that aren’t hanging up okay so go to your bedroom where I’m guessing most of them are and bring some a few trash bags for donations okay I’ll meet you there okay I’m in my bedroom […]

15 Clothes Capsule Wardrobe Tour – Extreme Minimalist

I used to be a shopping addict with more than 80 clothes and now I own 15 clothes and two shoes. Hello friends, this is Youheum and I’m doing a full tour of my capsule wardrobe. I will share the thought process behind the fabric that I choose and the brands that I choose to […]