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Yoga for EveryBODY Awaken lower body w River and Shayne Morgan

hi my name is River Morgan my name is Shane Morgan and this is yoga for every body now come to a comfortable seated position sitting on a bolster a block or a chair and route the hips and lift the heart stretching the spine come fully into the room with your awareness feeling your […]

Chair Yoga – Sitting Mountain (Tadasana)

coming towards the front edge of your chair let’s take fleshy part of the bottom and move it to the side so we feel the sit bones grounded on to the seat two-fists come together place them in between the thighs lean out from the hips and check between the arches of your feet you […]

13 Simple Poses To Keep Fit (Especially for Ladies)

Hi, Brightsiders! It’s time to talk about female health, and consider a few yoga asanas that’d be perfect for improving the health and mood of any woman. But you fellas don’t need to skip this video. Even though these simple exercises are perfect for the girls, you might also find them useful to improve your […]

YogaVB12 _ How to do PARVATÂSANA _ Mountain Pose _ Basic Yoga Poses

Yoga _ Méthode Vikudo YogaV YogaV _ Posture de base du Yoga YogaVB S’il vous plaît cliquez sur le bouton sous-titre pour choisir votre langue Pour recevoir de nouvelles vidéos à l’heure S’il vous plaît vous abonner à notre chaîne, merci! S’il vous plaît lisez cette page! Si vous voulez et si vous pouvez, S’il […]