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Bigger Arms Workout (Dumbbells Only)

– What’s up, elite Thenx athletes it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of OFFICIALTHENX, with today’s routine, I’m gonna show you how to get bigger arms with just a set of dumbbells. (upbeat music) Now if you want bigger arms, then you wanna make sure that you’re increasing volume. Whether it’s adding additional sets […]

20 Minute Mobility & Strength Training Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome back to Yoga With Tim. Today, we’re gonna do not so much yoga, this is just gonna be exercises. We’re gonna do some exercises for your core and for your legs, and your hips. So, this is a great video to do if you don’t want to do much sun salutations, but […]

One Exercise That Will Change Your Life | 2018

[Music] what’s up elite then exactly it’s it’s Chris area welcome to another video of fishel 10x today I’m gonna be showing you guys one exercise that’s gonna change your life the same way it changed mine basically this exercise is the gateway exercise that’s really gonna start taking your training to a whole new […]

Upper Body Workout with Warrior Yoga Pose

Hi, I’m Asha. We’ll come to downward facing dog, so bending forward walk the palms out and inhale. Step the right foot forward in between the two palms. And drop the left heel down on to the ground. Inhale to come up. Make sure your hips are facing forward, you are activating the back leg […]

Yoga Poses That Aid Fertility | MORE

Hi. I’m Liz. Teaching from my studio, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles. I’m here here to show you today a couple of poses that will aid infertility. So the things of these poses have in common are one, they relax the pelvic region. Very important. We tend a lot of our time kind […]

Yoga: Optimal Exercise for Aging

The research that we’re focusing on is looking at the role of yoga in combination with higher protein intakes. As we get older there seems to be a noted reduction in the amount of muscle that we have. That means we’re losing strength and we’re likely to lose function. What is so exciting about this […]

GYM WORKOUT for MEN & WOMEN | Birthday in PARIS ♥

Is that spicy ? Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. You have to wake up baby.. You have to blow your candles !! I didn’t have enough candles ! Are you ready for you day ? You’re a bit tired, aren’t you ? Do you blow your candles ? Careful, we don’t want […]

New Fitness Trend = Workout Wear Fridays

you probably heard a casual fridays you might soon be hearing about work out where Friday’s that’s the idea that the washington post Vicky Hallett has come up with she thinks that to encourage working out which is important in a very obese country like America we should encourage people to wear fitness gear in […]

Perfect Yoga Pose for Runners

I’m Pam Radar and today we’re going to be looking at the perfect pose for runners gonna take Sarah into Crescent lunge Sarah can you step to the top of the mat please? and I’m going to have Sarah step her left foot straight back to the back of the mat and create a deep […]