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Healthy Food and a Proper Diet, How Does One Decide? | Sadhguru

Questioner: So my question is should we believe in that like the qualities of vegetarianism, non-alcoholism, celibacy, practice them so that we make our body fit. So that that kriya of eleven minutes will be more effective? Sadhguru: See, this is what I have been saying right through why even eating is a moral value? […]

What happens after death? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: The question is, is there re-birth, if it’s there what is the basis for one being to go from one birth to another, what is it that carries a person from one to another. Now if you need to understand this, you must have some understanding of the mechanics of who you are. I […]

Spirit of Eastern Wisdom: The Intelligence Within | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: In appreciation of this commendable cause that the Dharma Foundation has taken up, I would like to say that for thousands of years, for the longest period compared to anything on this planet, this wisdom, this dimension of knowing has lived on, without any kind of true organization or a certain kind of leadership […]

Yogasanas – Postures to Elevate Your Consciousness | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: The word “asana” literally means a posture. When we say a posture, every posture the body can take is an asana. Now, this (Gestures) is an asana, this (Gestures) is an asana, this (Gestures) is an asana, this (Gestures) is an asana, this (Gestures) is an asana, this (Gestures) is an asana. So how […]

Can “Evil-Eye” or “Drishti” Affect You? Nani Asks Sadhguru

This fire-wash, we call it Klesha Nashana kriya, that means, an act which will take away the impurities that gather around you. there is a certain way to do, which few generations ahead people knew exactly how to do, We have relieved people of various chronic ailments just by this fire-wash. Superscript: Can “Evil-Eye” or […]

The Most Precious Gift | Sadhguru

Sadhguru:On a certain day the pig went up to the cow and said, ‘I know you give milk, but I give pork. Why is it that you are so much loved and treated well and I’m not?’ The cow looked at the pig kindly and said, ‘I give milk when I’m alive and here.’ That’s […]

Sadhguru at Sophia College – Youth and Truth [Full talk]

Moderator: We are very, very honored to have amongst us, Sadhguru today, for a question-answer session and a very warm welcome to you to Sophia College, sir. Sadhguru: Thank you. Moderator: If you would like to address the audience? Sadhguru: Yes. Sadhguru: Can I say a few words before the questions? Moderator: Yes. Sadhguru: Namaskaram […]

Everyone Should be a Brahmachari – Sadhguru

One thing is its good for the nation’s population. I’m just listing the benefits Why Brahmacharya? What is Brahmacharya first? Brahman means the ultimate or the divine. Charya means the path. One who is on the path of the ultimate or one who is on the path of the divine is a Brahmacharya. One who […]

When God Becomes Your Slave | Sadhguru

Questioner: Namaskar Guruji. I have a very small question. Do karmas… Sadhguru: Questions are like that only (Laughter). Questioner: Do karmas exist and how do they affect our destiny? Sadhguru: Let’s understand this, karma means action. So, when you say “karma”, you’re referring to action. There’re four types of actions that you’re performing right now […]