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Exercise Your Brain – AMNH SciCafe

>>WENDY A. SUZUKI: We’re going to be talking today about a topic that affects every single one of you—practical neuroscience for everyday life. We’re going to be talking about exercise and the brain. I want to start with the question of, how did I ever get interested in the brain in the first place? It […]

Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation in 4 minutes

welcome to mindfulness neuroscience animated sponsored by the integrative health convention. What if you could know how to mind worked so that you could make it work even better with a simple brain training exercise. The exercise is mindfulness meditation, and the following video will explain simply, the current neuroscience research on how the brain […]

Effects of Exercise on the Brain, Animation

apart from body fitness physical exercise also has beneficial effects on the brain a regular routine of aerobic exercise can improve memory thinking skills moods and have protective effects against aging injuries and neurodegenerative disorders it is noteworthy that these effects are specific to aerobic exercise the kind of exercise that accelerates heart rate and […]

WHY Exercise is so Underrated (Brain Power & Movement Link)

To understand the injustice that has been done to exercise, let’s pretend we’re back in 1995 and Nintendo is advertising the Nintendo 64. When marketing, they talk solely about the technical aspects of the machine and how it has a 93.7 megahertz processor compared to the Super Nintendo’s measly 3.56 megahertz processor. The N64 flops […]

How Exercise Affects Your Brain

Hello and welcome to another video! Let me start this video by telling that almost everything you know about exercise is wrong. We usually associate exercise with loosing weight but thats a big misconception, in fact exercise is the least productive way to loose weight, so if you are thinking to loose weight, exercise should […]

Why Meditate? | Change your Brain’s Default Mode

In the midst of being charged at by twenty masked men armed with rifles and explosives, Sally Adee was able to calmly and smoothly shoot down all of her attackers one by one. Sally didn’t entirely grasp what had happened – from her perspective, the 20 minute skirmish lasted only a few moments, and when […]

BrainWorks: Exercise and the Brain

SPEAKER 1: Brainworks is made possible with generous support provided by the Dean Witter Foundation, working to expand innovative K through 12 public education initiatives. More at deanwitterfoundation.org. SPEAKER 2: With additional program support provided by The Dana Foundation, your gateway to responsible information about the brain. More at dana.org. SPEAKER 3: Brainworks. SPEAKER 4: […]