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The Worst Things About Fall: Whine About It

– Fall and pumpkins and Halloween Got my poncho on because it’s fall. (slurping sound) Mmmm. Delicious. (upbeat jazz music) Hey everyone, my name is Matt Bellassai, and this is Whine About It, a weekly video series where I get drunk at my desk and complain about stuff. On this week’s episode, Reasons Why Fall […]

Reasons Wearing Pants Is The Absolute Worst: Whine About It

(to tune of “Carol of the Bells” by Wilhousky) ♫ Pants, pants pants pants ♫ Pants, pants pants pants ♫ Pants, pants pants pants ♫ Pants, pants pants pants pants ♫ Pants, pants pants pants pants ♫ Pants, pants pants pants pants ♫ Pants, pants pants– – [Voiceover] Alright! We get it! – ♫ Pants […]

Man Puts On Pants With NO HANDS Attempt

Gritty Urban Saga so as i guy who enjoys a challenge I saw a video today of a guy putting on his pants without his hands and I figured I’ll try that So here we go (Music plays EPIC) Not as easy as it looks definitely not as easy as it looks Got my yoga […]

Gentle Yoga for Bigger Bodies

Hi! I’m Zelinda. I’m the founder of The Yoga Room and today Denisse is with me she’s a friend of mine and she’s also a team member here at The Yoga Room. Today we’re doing Gentle Yoga for Bigger Bodies. Let’s go ahead and get started. So, go ahead and come up onto your mat, […]

Merrell Twins Double Dare DIY Challenge: Pie In Your Pants 🥧 | Nick

– On your mark… – Get set… – Go! – Go! Which team had the most pies? I look absolutely silly. Hi, I’m Vanessa Merrell. And I’m Veronica Merrell. And we are so excited about the all new Double Dare. The mess, the slime, everything. So we’re working with Nickelodeon to make Double Dare challenges […]

How to Do Yoga Exercises for New Moms : Yoga Bow Pose for New Moms

We are going to do a couple counter poses for all the ab work we just did, starting with the bow pose. And you are just going to get all the way onto your stomach, flat on your belly. You can put hands onto each other flat on the mat. Like this, overlapping each other, […]