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The Perfect Time To exercise is NOW

– Yo, gang. I’m ill at the moment, so I thought I’d take this as a good opportunity to explain something. And I’m gonna use my good friend, the ability spectrum, to do so. Where this axis shows ability and this axis shows time. Now, the point is, a lot of people come to me […]

SEXUAL EXERCISES FOR MEN | Mantak Chia on London Real

and So the women practice on the egg, what [do] the men do okay? The men the first thing they have [to] practicing that we call sharpening the knife okay, ram hug okay, so the whole key is very simple you get [an] oil we call the Baby oil baby oil, okay? and you put […]

Couples Yoga Challenge | It’s harder than I thought!

This is what we’re doing no, it’s going it don’t start yet. It’s a little bit longer to backtrack Back to that crop it needs to crack. Can you go do something cool? Something cool from here Alrighty guys, so This is our first challenge He’s so excited, huh? Yeah I had to convince him […]

Human Tea Bag Challenge

( music playing )A wise man once said, “A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” And a tall friend of mine once said, “Why don’t we cover Link in tea, dip him in hot water and see how it tastes.” I sure did! It’s time for the… Okay, before we get started, do […]

Cockroach Cuddling Challenge

(playful theme music) – Welcome back. – We are hanging out with Jean Franzblau, founder of the Cuddle Sanctuary. Can I call you Cuddle Queen Jean? – I would love that, thank you. – So you’re saying that the cuddle process can actually reduce stress? – Yeah, it lowers cortisol levels, and it also increase […]

Yoga challenge FAIL!! (HILARIOUS) Mommy Dearest

hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m here with my sister Natalie and today we’re gonna do the yoga challenge or an attempt it we have a little Katalina here so yeah how do you mean uh she’s like no okay turn your back that’s kind of rude okay so I think we have […]

Yoga: Table Pose

Instructor: Okay. Now. Let’s come to balancing table (pose). Bring right arm and left leg up. Feel like a rubber band. Now come back.


what is up guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here I’m Lizzy and subscribe button because we’re gonna be doing something fun yeah like what so what do I want to do a challenge I don’t really want to do a challenge let’s do something else like what I don’t know well […]


what is up guys welcome back to my channel we’re out here filming a movie a movie a movie a movie what are you wearing I don’t know it’s called like a bucket hat or something um I think it’s like a fishing hat we’ll go fishing woo okay so today for my video okay […]

couples yoga challenge !!!!

Hey!!! oh Hey guys, it’s Maddie welcome back to my channel, so today I’m here with my boyfriend Jack And today we’re going to be doing the couples yoga challenge we have me behind the camera giving them poses Yeah, Kenzie is behind the camera, she picked out a couple of poses for us She […]