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Pilates Adductor Exercises

SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel Like Share Comment Follow me on FACEBOOK and God squeezes with the rings between the knees so neutral pelvis now with this exercise I want you to try and relax your bum after what people do is the minute they start squeezing their legs together they squeeze their bubble they’ll […]

Improper Exercise Can Create or Make a Diastasis Larger-Julie Tupler, RN

Improper exercise can either create a diastasis recti or make a diastasis recti larger. A diastasis recti is the separation of the outermost abodminal muscles. The name of these muscles are the rectus abdominis. These muscles are joined together by a fibrous piece of connective tissue called the linea alba which means white line. And […]

Top 5 Pelvic Floor Exercises

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you my top 5 pelvic floor exercises. so let’s get started. So before we get started, if you haven’t already, make sure and click on that subscribe button especially if you have a question or a comment otherwise I might not see it and […]

3 Yoga Poses That Relieve Pelvic Pain

hey everyone welcome to my public power hour this is e Sahara real answers to real questions posted by real people and there is no jiving on this show now I got a really interesting question from Karen from New Jersey that I’m going to be answering and it’s all about pelvic pain and creating […]