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Thoracic Spine Rotational Mobilization, Stability and Strengthening Exercise

This is Brent of the Brookbush Institute live at the Independent Training Spot, bringing you guys a thoracic spine strengthening exercise. Now we have some mobility exercises that I’ve showed you guys before in previous videos, one of the empty spots the gaps in our exercise programming is, once we get that mobility back how […]

Reverse lunge (Fit2Go Home Exercise Tutorial)

(claps) – All right, the reverse lunge is not just a nice exercise nothing a good exercise could incorporate. It’s a fundamental core movement pattern that every single person should work on if you’re not currently able to do it. Now even Krista when we started her on this last summer was very difficult for […]

The Bicycle Crunch (Fit2Go Home Exercise Tutorials)

– You don’t mean it like that. – (clapping) All right, so for today, we’re gonna show you the bicycle crunch. This is a great exercise to hit every single component, every part of your abs. So there’s three main components, three main movements for any ab exercise. The first is spinal flexion. This is […]

ARMS Workout at Home without Equipment – Standing Only || Best ARMS Workout

Welcome to today’s standing only arms workout. Listen if your arms have been acting mad disrespectful This is the workout for you We’re jumping straight into a very quick warm-up of arm rotations If this is your first workout of the day pause the video check the description get a proper warm-up in Because we’re […]

TONING & WEIGHT LOSS Home Workout \\ Train Arms, Booty, Belly

Welcome to today’s toning and fat burning workout We are going to be working on toning your arms your booty your abs your credit This is the workout. That’s gonna fix your credit. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Let’s jump straight into the warm-up with our rotations Make sure your feet are flat on the floor […]