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Sensory Deprivation Tanks: Part 1/3 (Documentary)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Floating is about creating a unique experience for the brain in which it’s now confronted, for the first time in its existence, a lack of sensory input. SPEAKER 2: They say it’s the most intimate experience you’ll ever have with yourself. It’s kind of like going on a date with yourself. […]

Descartes Meditation 2 Walkthrough

Descartes’ Meditation Two is sixteen paragraphs long. In the first paragraph, he announces that he will pick up from his endpoint in Meditation One by continuing his thought experiment, in search of “just one thing, however slight, that is certain and unshaken.” In paragraph 2, he suggest that perhaps the only thing that is certain […]

Stoicism – Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Animated Book Summary

So imagine you’re looking for a place to rent for about a $1000. And you find a house that you really like, and I’m the landlord, and I’m going to rent it to you for a $1000 but I tell you, “Hey, in a year, I might have to increase it to $1100.” And you […]

OSHO International Meditation Resort – A Meeting Place of Friends

OSHO presents See where 30 days away from your ROUTINE life can take you! I love it It’s nice, it’s very beautiful to laugh It’s very, very interesting… I love it! Amazing, it is an eye opener lovely It is beautiful Living In Residential Program The OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India is a […]