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Stability Ball Pilates Exercises : Pilates Stability Ball Benefits

The stability ball is added to a work out to challenge your balance and strength. The small stability balls are very different from the large ball, which you’ll see in a different series. This stability ball has a burst factor that is very high. It can take a lot of weight on it without bursting. […]

Aula de Pilates para Grávidas – todos os trimestres

Hi, welcome to MOVE com Ana Morais. This video is dedicated to mums to be and today we are doing a Pilates session. It’s recommended for all pregnancy trimestres and it’s a beginner / intermediate level. Let’s start it. This session can be done along all pregnancy and it is specially design for 2nd and […]

Pilates Ball Exercises : Pilates Ball Exercise: Spine Extensions

This exercise is for spinal extension. Working the muscles in the back. Go ahead and center your ball in front of your body and lean into the ball. So, the ball should be just up above your pelvis. Digging your hipbones into the ball. Bring your hands to the back of your head. Or, if […]

PILATES FOR BUTT LEGS AND THIGHS 💖 toning for the hamstrings and glutes

Hi guys, it’s Bailey welcome back to another project summer body workout today We’re doing buns legs and thighs which was the most requested in the Facebook group, so let’s get to it Alright, let’s get started using a pair of light weights However, if you don’t have weights all of the moves are effective […]