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Advanced Pilates Exercises : The Open Leg Rocker Pilates Exercise

The next movement is called open leg rocker. To begin, extend your legs one at a time until you’re in this position. You can hold higher up onto your ankles, behind your knees or in between on your calves. And inhale to roll back, initiating with your lower AB contraction and then come up on […]

Pilates Exercises & Equipment : How Pilates Was Invented

Hi, my name is Ashley Ludman from Seaside Yoga, here to answer the question, who invented Pilates. Well actually, Joseph Pilates invented Pilates. And he originally coined this type of exercise as Contrology. He didn’t call it Pilates after himself. That came later on. He develop this style of physical exercise based on his practice […]

Poolside Pilates | Tighten Up Your Abs

hi guys I’m Kristen you’re watching K’s perfect fitness TV so welcome to your poolside pilates workout all you need is a mat and let’s get ready to go Sitting up tall on your sit bones reach your hands forward, scoope tuck and roll yourself back and then roll yourself forward. We’re going to peel […]

Stretch for Ballet Day 1, Part 2 Stretch

all right if you already warm let’s go into the stretching, if you haven’t seen our warm-up exercise please click on this video to warm up first before you start stretching let’s get started with your feet all right let’s move to our stretching of the hamstring muscles so we’re gonna hold this for 30 […]


Welcome to Day 1 of the 5 Day Jumpstart. If you don’t know me yet my name is Gretchen founder of Balanced to the Core. Today we are going to do a foundational routine so we’re really just gonna get into our breath into our abdominals into the length of the spine and really focus […]