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Fitness is Fun: Pilates with Chris and Heidi Powell

>>Chris and I are here today to show you how much fun fitness can be. What are we doing today, Chris?>>So we’re doing Pilates, and I must say, in my years of, uh, all kinds of experiences in the fitness industry, never once have I ever done Pilates. I’m almost embarrassed to say that.>>And neither […]

Reformer Barre Tone – Pilates by LAF

Let’s talk toning. In this Reformer Barre workout you’ll be slimming your thighs and firming your seat in this exciting standing workout! That’s right, there’s no time for sitting as you sculpt your body to fitness perfection. Be prepared to make use of all studio props and equipment to tone your body from head to […]

RJ Physio – Clinical Pilates

Now that you have completed your Quick Start Pilates program and you have a good understanding of your individualized and customized program you are ready to begin Clinical Pilates. You will have a good understanding of how to use the equipment, how to set the right resistance and of course use the equipment safely and […]


Hello all! Today I have an amazing and different video for you! I’m right now with my lovely pilates teacher Gizem! We will show you exercise moves to have tight and toned legs! We will show you four moves today. All are easily applicable at home. Inner legs are the biggest problems for all women […]

Elite Pilates Teacher Training – Reformer Windmill arms Box

Pilates Teacher Training SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment! anyway constant is wrong a weekend little bit it’s just exercises the point this is my for West Side to try and control it just don’t like what I’m saying I don’t always give that a beginning it’s a movement they can you […]

Elite Pilates Teacher Training – beginner Rest Pose

Pilates Teacher Training Devon England UK rest pose rest pose the game is a really good lower back stretch of some nice position to just light and focus on your breath and some it’s also quite a good position before I want to say meditation but a bit of a relaxation because if you close […]

Pilates Exercises : Pilates: Heel Beats

Alright now I’m going to show you how to do some heel beats. Now heel beats have a quick movement. And whenever you have a quick movement with your legs it’s difficult to stay engaged. The more your legs move the more your center’s going to want to come undone or ungaged. I made that […]

Pilates Exercises on All Fours : Pilates All Fours Exercise Setup

All right. We’re going to learn how to set up your Pilates core from all fours. And, seriously, once you have heard how to set this up, you will never forget. All right? We start out with a straight spine. Now you usually want to be length in the spine from all fours. And I […]

Pilates Ball Exercises : Pilates Ball Exercise: Crunches

In this exercise, we are going to be using the ball to challenge our abs. We are going to lay down on our back. Bring the ball under our feet. And from here, we are going to go ahead and do crunches. Now when you do crunches, do not forget to tuck the chin close […]