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How to Remove Horizontal Front Folds in Pants Crotch – Sure-Fit Designs

Pants fitting, well, can be your nemesis. In a survey that I did with my customers a while back and I asked the question, “What’s the most difficult area of pants to fit?” two answers came back – the crotch curve and right underneath the tummy. The focus of today’s video is right underneath the […]

How to Refine (Lengthen/Shorten) Crotch Length with Sure-Fit Designs™

Hi everyone, I’m Glenda with Sure-Fit Designs. Some of you know me as Glenda the Good Stitch. In this video tutorial I’d like to talk about refining the crotch curve on your pants pattern and now what I want to do is I want to show you how to measure that crotch curvature and make […]