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Beginner Yoga Positions : Head to Knee Yoga Pose

This pose is called head to knee pose. Head to knee pose is a wonderful pose to stretch the hamstrings, to stretch the lower back, to stretch all along the lower spine really – and to get a gentle twist at the same time. So you’ll want to start with one leg stretched out in […]

Yoga Poses for Insomnia : Yoga Seated Forward Bend for Insomnia

So, the next pose in our series for overcoming insomnia is posture mode tonasanar or seated forward bend. I’m going to do my favorite variation which is a Yin variation. All you’re going to do is let your legs come out in front of you, you’re going to let them be loose. Let the feet […]

Cosmic Kids Yoga | SUPER YOGA – Underwater Party! | Fun Games For Kids

Copiame! Tres, Dos, Uno!! Tres, Dos, Uno!! pose Manos en la puerta pose Manos en la puerta Pose del Globo de aire caliente pose del Globo de aire caliente Pose del arbol Pose del arbol Pose del cangrejo Pose del cangrejo Pose del cangrejo Pose del cangrejo Pose del cangrejo Pose del cangrejo Surfeando Surfeando […]

Standing Yoga Poses : Yoga Triangle Pose

The next part of the series is Trikonasana or Triangle Pose. What you want to do is step your foot forward and, step your right foot forward, left foot back. You can leave your hips open just like you were in Warrior II. The only difference between this and Warrior II is you’re not bending […]

Seated Yoga Poses : Yoga Pigeon Pose

An excellent hip opener on your mat is pigeon or eka pada konasana. So, what you want to do is come into table. Which, we discussed in previous clips. It’s not as important about the alignment. Because, what you’re going to do is bring the back foot forward into a lunge. But, this time let […]

Seated Yoga Poses : Yoga Seated Twist Pose

Another great asana for the seated practice, is matsyendrasanaor or seated twist. So, what you do is bring your legs out in front of you. If you have a hard time sitting up, you could always grab a blanket and put it underneath your butt so you’re more forward. So, you want to try to […]

Prenatal Yoga Exercises : Prenatal Yoga Squat Position

So the squat can be practiced first in your early stages just by coming into the position with the hands in front of your chest and trying to feel like you are creating a nice openness with the chest as your tailbone lengthens down. And then as you move further into your pregnancy, your support […]


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