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Advanced Yoga Poses : Yoga Swan Pose with Extension

Coming up either out of Downward Dog or Child’s Pose, we’re going to do Swan which is prone the opposite direction of your Pigeon Pose. Hands right underneath the shoulders. Knees hid width apart and you can start by extending one leg, try to keep that parallel hips square, active core, pull the navel into […]

Advanced Yoga Poses & Twists : Yoga Sage’s Pose

Next we’ll be coming into Sages Pose. So let’s start sitting up nice and tall, bringing our right knee up and our left foot trying to keep our toes pointed towards the ceiling with that ankle flexed. Let’s take our right arm, cross the front of the right leg. We’re going to reach that arm […]

Advanced Yoga Poses & Twists : Yoga Boat Pose

Coming into Boat Pose. Let’s start by balancing on our sitting bones. So finding those two bones on either side, finding balance between the two. And let’s walk our feet up, we’re holding on behind our thighs, coming up unto the tips of the toes and staying on our sitting bones, let’s start to lift […]

Yoga Poses for Insomnia : Yoga Head to Knee Pose for Insomnia

Our next pose in our sequence for overcoming insomnia is a seated head to knee pose. All you are going to do is from your easy pose, take one leg out to your side. If you are sitting on your block in easy pose, remain sitting on your block for this pose. This pose is […]

Advanced Yoga Poses & Twists : Yoga Downward Facing Dog to Wheel Pose

So next we’re going to practice coming into Wheel Pose from Downward Facing Dog. So let’s begin finding Downward Facing Dog, reaching back with the hips and flattening out through the shoulders. Now let’s reach back with the right leg, bending that knee and we’re going to reach the right foot across the body. As […]

Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga: 3 Part Breath

Now we’ll transition into three part yogic breath. Letting the breath fill the belly as you inhale, letting it rise to the ribcage and then all the way up to the clavicular bone, the collar bone. And then letting the breath fall from top to middle to bottom. Inhaling, let the belly expand. Let the […]


I wasn’t expecting a wall to be there. It’s getting weird. The kids are going crazy. Look at this maniac. Okay go see if James will run over you bye. Have a great time. Okay truth is this is the first time I’m filming it and it’s almost dark outside. I just exercised. I’ve been […]