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Yoga Hammock Poses Close to Floor

Let me demonstrate a few yoga poses and stretches that I particularly like especially if I’ve been sitting all day long and haven’t been doing a lot of movement. One of the main things you might remember is to go slow when you’re doing your stretches. I’m going to start off with Hand-Stirring. Hands are […]

Yoga for Migraine Headaches : Finger Acupressure Points for Migraines

Now suppose you don’t have any time and you can feel the migraine coming on. You have no place to practice these Aasanas. Then would do you do? Then give yourself the gift of healing hands. I will now demonstrate two points where in you can give pressure to those points just with your thumb. […]

How to Pose in Photos! 12 Pose Ideas Every Short Girl Must Know!

Posing for photos can feel super awkward! You can be standing there for a long time feeling pretty confused and uncomfortable! *Look at this bike it’s so cute! Okay let’s try pose next to it! So today I’m going to share with you my top 12 poses that you can add to your arsenal. If […]

Partner Yoga Positions : Child’s Pose for: Partner Yoga Positions

So you are purposely gong to come into chow’s pose. It comes together, needs apart, forehead down into the ground. You are going to come and you are going to bring your tailbone so it’s right across their tailbone and you are just going to very slowly bring your finger tips along the side of […]

Yoga Exercises to Stay Fit : Yoga Exercises for High Blood Pressure

PRARIT JHA: Hi, this is Prarit Jha on behalf of Expert Village. Now, we are going to do some loosening-up exercises for the joints. It is excellent for those who are suffering from arthritis, high blood pressure and heart disease. Now, we are going to start it. Just straight your legs. This is the base […]