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Partner Yoga Positions : Child’s Pose for: Partner Yoga Positions

So you are purposely gong to come into chow’s pose. It comes together, needs apart, forehead down into the ground. You are going to come and you are going to bring your tailbone so it’s right across their tailbone and you are just going to very slowly bring your finger tips along the side of […]

Chair Yoga for Seniors : Chair Yoga for Seniors: Standing Poses

In our chair yoga classes, we like to integrate standing balanced postures when possible. Starting with a prep pose, Maria and I are going to stand nice and tall, lifting heart and tucking the tail slightly. Engage the belly and begin to exhale as you draw your outside knee towards your heart. Flex the foot, […]

Advanced Yoga Poses : Wall Ropes for Yoga Poses

Now keep in mind that I know most of you can’t touch your toes, but this is a way that you can do some of the postures with assistance of the ropes. Most of the people have a harder time doing this type of an opening than coming forward. We spend most of the time […]

Yoga Poses & Positions : The Hand Binds Foot Half Moon Yoga Pose

Hi, my name is Cindy Mastry with Yoga Etc. Studio on behalf of Expert Village. This is April and she’s going to help me demonstrate half moon with a bind. So she’s standing in a wide legged stance and she’s going to inhale and lift her arms up and she’s going to turn her left […]

How to Avoid Yoga Injuries : Yoga Cross-Legged Pose

Hi, I’m Carolyne Heldman, for Zenergy Yoga Studio in Denver, Colorado, on behalf of Expert Village. There are four common injuries in yoga that are sort of accessible to a lot of people when you’re first practicing yoga. The key to preventing yoga injuries is always good alignment. So first of all you want to […]

Dog Yoga Poses & Positions : Introduction to Doga, Yoga Moves With Your Dog

Number one intro to yoga. Hi my name is Leta Koontz I’m a yoga instructor at School House Yoga located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Today we are going to do a series of breathing meditations, human yoga postures, and dog yoga postures in out practice of doga. Now a typical yoga practice you do yoga asana […]

Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga: Cat & Dog Pose

Transitioning on to your knees and on to your hands on to table pose. Your hands are directly underneath the shoulders and your knees are right underneath the hips. Inhale into dog melt the belly, draw the shoulders back, look up to the sky, exhale round your back into a Halloween Cat. Inhale melt it […]

Yoga for Breakups πŸ”₯ How to Get Over Your Ex

downDOGMA Hey yogis, feeling down in the dumps about your most recent breakup? Here’s a list of of 8 yoga poses to helping you get over your ex. Pose number one: BOAT POSE because you escaped that sinking ship. [crying in the background] Pose number two: BIRD OF PARADISE because you’re the freest of the […]