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Hip Opening Yoga ♥ The Hipster Release | Wanderlust Yoga

hey guys welcome to your hip release yoga today is going to be a 10 minute yoga sequence thats going to focus on opening your hips if you’ve been sitting a desk for a really long time or travelling on an airplane or perhaps even over working through hiking or walking u feel tightness in […]

Restorative Yoga Poses : Restorative Yoga Supported Bridge Pose with Bolster

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana is supported bridge, or supported shoulder stand. And you’re going to need a bolster; if you don’t have a bolster, you can certainly use some pillows, and a couple of blankets. You’re going to need a block, again, if you don’t have a block, you can certainly find some books in your […]

Yoga Standing Postures : Yoga Standing Posture Benefits

In this series we’ll be talking about and focusing on Standing Postures. Now, all of our standing postures begin with the feet. The feet are so very important in our standing postures. So we’ll pay lot of attention to the feet and the stability there, moving up through the body and into our core muscles. […]

Advanced Yoga Poses & Twists : Yoga Side Crow Pose

Next we’ll be coming into Side Crow Pose. Now, the way that I like to get into this pose is from a Twisting Chair. So let’s put our hands to our heart center. We’ll sit back in our chair and start to twist to the left side, but as we do we’ll release the hands, […]

Dog Yoga Poses & Positions : Doga Downward Facing Dog for Dogs

Downward facing dog dog. For this posture we are going to have our dog come to a downward facing dog. When we attempt this posture to Toby we thought him to sit and I thought him to lay down. So that is were maybe you need to begin with your dog if your dog already […]

Advanced Yoga Poses & Twists : Yoga Twisting Chair Pose

Coming into Twisting Chair. Now, typically in chair our feet are hip distance apart. But for Twisting Chair, we’re going to walk our feet so that our toes and heels are meeting. So let’s go ahead and bring our hands together at our heart center. And we’ll go ahead and sit back into our Chair […]