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The Primary Ingredient for Successful Meditation

Namaskar friends. Today I’d like to talk about the primary ingredient for a successful meditation. Whether you’re a new meditator or you’ve been meditating for many, many years, this principle should be remembered and followed. If we look at the lives of successful people, we find certain common characteristics that mark their success. And today […]

Tips for Deeper Meditation

Namaskar today, I’d like to talk about some tips for deepening your meditation experience. Of course this whole channel talks about different advices for deepening meditation, but I thought putting them together in one video, it may be easier for you to follow. So I’ll go from the external and go gradually towards the internal. […]

How to make your meditation powerful? One simple advice.

Namaskar. A little bit of advice, a little piece of advice for those people who are trying to enjoy meditation, who are trying to feel the blissful flow in meditation. At one point I had difficulty with one particular lesson of mediation. And I asked one senior teacher of meditation. I asked, it seems that […]

The Experience — The OSHO International Meditation Resort

Meditation never died in this country. Sometimes above ground, sometimes underground, but its river has remained flowing constantly, eternally. It flows today, it will flow tomorrow also – and that is the only hope for man. Because the day meditation dies, man will also die. Man’s actuality is meditation. You may be aware of it […]

Buddhist Meditation – Ashin Ottama

It is my habit to deal with some inconvenient areas or with some points of controversy which are hanging around for a long time trying to bring some new perspective on these areas to help understanding to resolve some of these areas. But today I am taking a completely classic topic: Buddhist meditation, Samatha and […]