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Try Not To Laugh Challenge Battle | πŸ’¦ = πŸ’°(Ep. #135)

– Turn down for what. ♪ Da, da, da ♪ (air horn blasting) ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ – (Dwight) Describes its… – (snickers and pits) – (FBE) You won $10. (cha-ching) – Wow, Ary. – That’s right. That’s right. – (Ashby) Look at you. – Oh, hell yeah. – (FBE) This laugh challenge is […]

Looking for Love in the Right Place

Hey guys Trudi here from It’s the TruStory and today well today’s the first official video of 2020 and I really gave it a lot of thought like what I want to talk to you guys about today because you know the conceit of my show is I do things for you so you don’t […]

Gym Logic! (These Make No Sense)

Gym logic. You got guys like me guys like Michael and this creature We’re talking about gym life? gym life? gym life? gym life. Welcome to Reaction Time, today we are looking at another episode of logic. In this episode What do we have Anthony? We have gym logic. How often do you go to […]

Giving The People What They Want

P: Hey guys! D: Hello Internet! P: Hello D: So…Dan and Phil in 2018, eh? P: Yeah! D: What’s that about? P: Who knows? D: Amiright? D: So we are doing a world tour this summer that actually starts in a few weeks. P: Yes! P: Called Interactive Introverts! D: Great name. P: I know, […]

10 Pranks For Back To School! Prank Wars!

*Music playing* Wengie: Hey guys, it’s Wengie! Welcome back, and prank hug! Wengie: Just kidding hug! Wengie: So you guys love the back to school pranks so much, we wanted to make some more for you guys, a word of warning, these are pretty savage, so do them at your own risk! Wengie: Right now, […]


– I’m not exaggerating at all. This is real. – (Eric) Oh god. – (Tom) Oh god! We’re doing it! – (Alex) Do you guys need another habanero? – No, I think we’re good. – This hurts. Ow, ow! Howdy there, YouTube. My name is Tom. – I’m Alex. – And with me today, we […]

Reacting To My Boyfriend’s Baby Photos β€’ Saf & Tyler

(Saf)Hello and welcome to Tyler’s parent’s basement. Tyler’s parent’s basement, outside of Philadelphia, PA! (Tyler) It’s musky down here (Saf)- Scenic basement (Tyler) It’s cool (Saf) Look at this cement (Saf) I don’t know if you guys know I am really into pictures of babies. That sounds incredibly creepy but I am, I love babies. […]

Top 5 GMM Animal Moments (2018)

– Happy day after Christmas but not quite New Year’s. – As you know, we’ve partnered with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in their Thanks and Giving campaign and we need your help. – So when you return those itchy socks that your grandma gave you yesterday, instead of exchanging them, why not take that money […]


welcome back to the artisan one Asian guys I am your host Sorenson one and into this video we’re gonna be watching yoga pants prank done by one of my favorite youtubers Brady boy Fredo if you don’t know pretty boy Fredo is I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t know pretty much right away is […]