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Lower back stretch – relax tension and distress

Hi, this is May. Today, I will be teaching you two poses to stretch our lower back. So the first pose will be sitting on our mat and slowly lie down Squeeze the knees to your chest exhale here and slowly inhale and exhale Again inhale push the knees away and slowly exhale here When […]

Co-creating with God (Manifesting Anything or Anyone) | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditation. Let’s begin this meditation by making sure you will not get disturbed for a little while and that your environment is comfortable. Sit up straight and roll your shoulders back. You may lean up against a wall or something that will support you comfortably. Or, you may lie […]

Upper back Stretch – Yoga Eagle Arms

Hi everyone, this is May. Yesterday, I have a student asked me how to stretch his upper back. So, today I’ll show you one pose to stretch the upper back. The first thing is to sit on a chair anywhere to make you feel comfortable so raise your right hand and put your left hand […]

Letting Self Love In | Guided Hypnotic Meditation

Choose a relaxing position either seated or lying down. Pick a spot in front of you, a spot where you can comfortably focus your gaze. Now take a full, deep breath. Inhale, and Exhale. Allow the breath to relax you. Take one more deep breath, inhale and exhale as you relax even deeper. Take another […]