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Sophrology Exercise: Basic Body Scan with Tension Release

Tension release standing up – A BASIC BODY SCAN & TENSION RELEASE So to do this exercise we’re going to start by doing a basic body scan, followed by the tension release. So stand up, making sure you have a chair close behind you. Place your feet shoulder-distance apart and close your eyes to better […]

Meditation for Decision Making – Terri Cole

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Sensory Deprivation Tanks: Part 1/3 (Documentary)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Floating is about creating a unique experience for the brain in which it’s now confronted, for the first time in its existence, a lack of sensory input. SPEAKER 2: They say it’s the most intimate experience you’ll ever have with yourself. It’s kind of like going on a date with yourself. […]

Guided Sleep Meditation Female Voice for Sleep Problems and Insomnia

Welcome to 24Relax I am delighted to guide you into a very deep state of physical and mental relaxation, giving you ultimate stress relief. Please be sure you will not be distracted by anyone or any nearby device. This time is very important for you, so there is no need for any interaction with the […]

Audio Meditation – Body Scan

Today, we’re gonna try a practice called “The Body Scan”. This practice is an opportunity to check in with our body and to invite it to release any tension that it can. We can do this practice sitting up, standing up or lying down. My favourite is to do it lying down so that I […]

Audio Meditation – Time for Rest – Sleep meditation

Taking space and time for rest In this meditation, you will prepare your body and mind for rest. Please take a moment to get into a position that is most comfortable for you. If they are not closed already, gently close your eyes. Here you are at a time of day where the pleasures and […]

OSHO International Meditation Resort – A Meeting Place of Friends

OSHO presents See where 30 days away from your ROUTINE life can take you! I love it It’s nice, it’s very beautiful to laugh It’s very, very interesting… I love it! Amazing, it is an eye opener lovely It is beautiful Living In Residential Program The OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India is a […]

Spirit of Positive Energy, Luck & Fortune | Guided Meditation

Take a comfortable position for your body and your mind. Allow it to be in a quiet space without interruptions. In today’s meditation we will be removing blocks and negative patterns of energy from your body and your auric field of energy that surrounds your body. These blocks and unwanted energy may have been created […]

Receive Messages & Blessings from Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels | Guided Meditation

{rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf1404cocoasubrtf340 {fonttblf0fswissfcharset0 ArialMT;f1fromanfcharset0 Times-Roman;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;red0green0blue0;} paperw11900paperh16840margl1440margr1440vieww10800viewh8400viewkind0 deftab720 pardpardeftab720sl400partightenfactor0 f0fs30 cf2 expnd0expndtw0kerning0 outl0strokewidth0 strokec2 During this meditation you will connect to the energy and the essence of what many call spirit guides or guardian angels or divine source who is always with us, who helps us on our path of growth and becoming. In this connection […]