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Sadhguru – The source of all your knowledge.

Questioner(Shriram): Sadhguru, the next question which we have I’ll just read it out for you “It is believed that Srinivasa Ramanujam, could write mathematical equation as is he had access to the whole universe. He also says that goddess dictates him those mathematical ideas. How can I reach to that state?” So, that is the […]

Can “Evil-Eye” or “Drishti” Affect You? Nani Asks Sadhguru

This fire-wash, we call it Klesha Nashana kriya, that means, an act which will take away the impurities that gather around you. there is a certain way to do, which few generations ahead people knew exactly how to do, We have relieved people of various chronic ailments just by this fire-wash. Superscript: Can “Evil-Eye” or […]

When God Becomes Your Slave | Sadhguru

Questioner: Namaskar Guruji. I have a very small question. Do karmas… Sadhguru: Questions are like that only (Laughter). Questioner: Do karmas exist and how do they affect our destiny? Sadhguru: Let’s understand this, karma means action. So, when you say “karma”, you’re referring to action. There’re four types of actions that you’re performing right now […]

Jonathan Coslet & Sadhguru at Wharton School of Business

We’re here at Wharton Business School, the first business school in the United States – University founded by Benjamin Franklin. As a mystic and as a guru, what do you think about business… capitalism, business, entrepreneurialism? Sadhguru: The success of a nation, unfortunately, lot of people understand as success of its military or its politics. […]

Yoga for Children and Soldiers | Sadhguru

Questioner: Sadhguru, in line with the Yoga question, I remember for last year we concentrated on children. So, my question is what types of Yoga can children do and what are the benefits, specific benefits and how to inspire them? Sadhguru: How to…? Questioner: Inspire the kids, the children to do yoga. Sadhguru: Oh. Not […]