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Sadhguru on Bhuta Shuddhi – Getting to the Root of Karma

Shyama: Pranam Sadhguru. I have a question about Bhuta Shuddhi. We speak about cleansing of the five elements. Cleansing them of what, why do they become impure and what is the difference between Pancha Bhuta Aradhana which happens on Shivaratri and the Bhuta Shuddhi process which we learn as a part of Hatha Yoga? Sadhguru: […]

Sadhguru Addresses the UN – IDY 2016

Sadhguru: Good afternoon everybody, the Excellencies and Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for being here. Maxwell Kennedy: Good afternoon Sadhguru and good afternoon to your Excellencies and distinguished guests and to all the meditators who are watching on the internet right now. I’m so grateful to be here and it’s such a privilege really to […]