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Sadhguru – Can Vaccines cause any Health Problem?

Immunization – vaccines have been one of the greatest public health discoveries. In fact, one of the reasons why the lifespan increased so much… Sadhguru: Yes, definitely. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: … is because of the availability of vaccines. We used to lose you know… Half the number of children who were born used to die […]

The Importance of Death Rituals (Shradh) | Sadhguru

Questioner: Sadhguru I just wanted to know what is the importance of doing shraddh Sadhguru: In the manifestation of life, the physical life there is – let me separate this. There is life and physical life for the sake of understanding. The physical life has manifested itself. The physical life energy which generally is referred […]

When God Becomes Your Slave | Sadhguru

Questioner: Namaskar Guruji. I have a very small question. Do karmas… Sadhguru: Questions are like that only (Laughter). Questioner: Do karmas exist and how do they affect our destiny? Sadhguru: Let’s understand this, karma means action. So, when you say “karma”, you’re referring to action. There’re four types of actions that you’re performing right now […]

Sadhguru on Bhuta Shuddhi – Getting to the Root of Karma

Shyama: Pranam Sadhguru. I have a question about Bhuta Shuddhi. We speak about cleansing of the five elements. Cleansing them of what, why do they become impure and what is the difference between Pancha Bhuta Aradhana which happens on Shivaratri and the Bhuta Shuddhi process which we learn as a part of Hatha Yoga? Sadhguru: […]

Google Hangout with Sadhguru – Guru Purnima 2015 at Isha Yoga Center

Sadhguru: Namaskaram. On this Guru Poornima, my best wishes and blessings to all of you. The significance of this day, in terms of exploring human possibilities, is unparalleled because it’s on this day a little over 15,000 years ago, that Adiyogi for the first time chose to turn himself into a means of transmission, transmitting […]

Sadhguru Addresses the UN – IDY 2016

Sadhguru: Good afternoon everybody, the Excellencies and Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for being here. Maxwell Kennedy: Good afternoon Sadhguru and good afternoon to your Excellencies and distinguished guests and to all the meditators who are watching on the internet right now. I’m so grateful to be here and it’s such a privilege really to […]

How to Become Silent? – Sadhguru

Sadhguru: So the process of what you call as spiritual is not a psychological process. Your memory has nothing to do with it. It’s a life process; it’s an existential process. This can only happen if you allow yourself to be just a piece of life that you are. To do this, we do many […]

Angamardhana – The Ultimate Fitness Session | Isha Hata Yoga

Angamardhana Angamardhana is a phenomenal process. Anybody who does this.. it’s just a 25-minute process as it’s being taught today by us. In terms of health and well-being, it can do miracles. It’s so complete, no equipment, all you need is a six by six space. Your body is everything. Even if people want to […]