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Can “Evil-Eye” or “Drishti” Affect You? Nani Asks Sadhguru

This fire-wash, we call it Klesha Nashana kriya, that means, an act which will take away the impurities that gather around you. there is a certain way to do, which few generations ahead people knew exactly how to do, We have relieved people of various chronic ailments just by this fire-wash. Superscript: Can “Evil-Eye” or […]

Jonathan Coslet & Sadhguru at Wharton School of Business

We’re here at Wharton Business School, the first business school in the United States – University founded by Benjamin Franklin. As a mystic and as a guru, what do you think about business… capitalism, business, entrepreneurialism? Sadhguru: The success of a nation, unfortunately, lot of people understand as success of its military or its politics. […]

Does Masturbation Hurt Your Spiritual Possibilities?

Sadhguru: Semen is the basis of your physical existence. So in the yogic culture this is called as veerya. Veerya is considered to be like vajra. That means, it is one of the most potent things if you know how to use it. Not just semen, just everything in this body can be transformed Does […]

The Right Way to Do Intermittent Fasting For Maximum Benefits – Sadhguru

One important aspect is people are eating much more than what they should eat. Between one meal and the next meal there must be an eight-hour space. Whatever you have health problems, minimum 50% will go in six weeks time. Speaker: Namaskaram Sadhguru. Fasting on auspicious days has existed in India since time immemorial. But […]

Why Am I Stressed? – Sadhguru on Stress

Sadhguru: Don’t worry about your work, you give it up. What you want? You want a roof? I will give you. You want food every day? I will give you. All you have to do is just sit in one place and be blissful. I will feed you for the rest of your life. Can […]

And Now, Yoga | Sadhguru Spot – 23 June 2019

If you believe, if you get some money, or wealth, your life is settled. Not yet time for yoga. All these things make some convenience happen in our life, but doesn’t really transform us in any way. If you understand this one thing – …and now yoga. yoga, pursuit of spiritual process will not work […]

Isha Yoga Center – A Sacred Space for Self-Transformation | India | Ashram

Sadhguru: Isha Yoga Center in south India is a very, very special place. Superscript: Adiyogi – The Source of Yoga Superscript: Incredible India It’s a very powerful space for self-transformation. Everything about the place has been carefully engineered for individual transformation of the human being. Superscript: Suryakund Superscript: Chandrakund Without a single instruction about meditation, […]

Sadhguru at United Nations: Yoga – The Power of Inclusion

Speaker: Good evening. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudevji, Mr. Francis Gurry, Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist, World Health Organization, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to this event to celebrate the fifth UN International Day of Yoga, at this prestigious venue, the very first […]