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glowing up while discussing my high school glow up

So welcome to my glow up. Ummm Basically, I have nothing on my face at all. Nothing in my hair. Nothing on my body Like I am au naturale and I am going to be turning this… into this I don’t know what I just showed here, but I hope it’s nice Let’s look up […]

Kids Meet a Black Belt | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– Okay now I’m gonna yell like a tiger, and punch it, okay, are you ready? One, two, three. Ah! (whimsical music) Hi. – What’s your name? – What’s my name? Okay, I’ll go first then. My name is William. Nice to meet you, Crystal. – Nice to meet you, William. Are you a karate […]

Terrible High School Teacher | Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

At every school, There’s the jocks. Yeah, yeah, whatever, The cheerleaders. Go Spartins! (Chanin) the kid that skipped all the grades. I’m the smartest! The class president.As your class president I would not let you. The mean girls. Did you get the answers from the nerds, whatever. The class clown. Very nice!! The nerds. I […]

Yogadarshanam School Mysore| Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Shala|Teachers Training and Course Study

Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga School Mysore Yoga Alliance Teachers Training Foundation Yoga and Advance Yoga Yoga Therapy and Prenatal Yoga Acro Yoga and Mudra Yoga Pranayama| Meditation|Kriya Indian Anatomy and Western Anatomy Chantings| Prayers| Philosophy Adjustment | corrections | Modifications Teaching Practice and Feed Back 7 Sun salutations and Moon Salutations Hip Open| Back […]

Teachers At Parent Teacher Meetings | MostlySane

This would be a proud day for the rest of the parents. But for me it’s going to be a shameful day. Every year, 4 times I go to the school to collect the marksheet and get embarassed and come back. Why are you laughing? Come on, let’s go to your school. And get a […]

Worms Are Wonderful

[Intro] You know, Squeaks and I spend a lot of time underground. And that means we’ve made a bunch of squirmy little friends. If you’ve spent any time digging in the ground, you’ve certainly met them, too. I’m talking about earthworms! These animals are super cool, and super hardworking, too! Let’s see if we can […]